Pungeri UNI5 center - Kanchipuram Dt, report March 1st - 14th, 2016

Pungeri UNI5 center – Kanchipuram Dt

March 1st – 14th, 2016



Punching machine – paper work

Raw fruit – ripen fruit

Tulsi – medicated water

Vegetable – dishes

Lemon – juice

Sandal – fragrance

Fruits – salad

Kerosene – light

Real object







Cup and saucer

Ever silver plate

Cashew nuts

Light lamp

Role play based on Easter

Love and respect every one as you love yourself.

Do not repeat your sins and mistakes.

Thanks God for giving food.

Do not do a wrong thing to others which you do not like to have.

Do not talk while praying.

Thank God for all that you got.

UNI5 concepts

Functions of Lungs.

Functions of heart.

Blood and lymph vessels in body.

Food and wind pipes.

Unique observations:

‘’I can imagine and see many angels and wild animals in clouds’’ – [3]

A child drew a circle and wrote her name in both languages correctly. [5]

Children are aware about transformation of a caterpillar into adult butterfly.

Children are able to explain about UNI5 concepts to their siblings, parents and friends.

Parents are appreciating the higher level UNI5 syllabus.

Teachers said that they are learning again those lessons.

Children are aware about composition of air with proper names.

A child stopped her brother in killing an insect saying that Vallalar has said not to kill any one. [4]

Children are aware about social reformers and their teachings.

Children are aware about various objects on Earth and how they are connected with man in day to day life.

‘’Like a filter paper filter the impure water, hearth purifies the blood’’ [4]

‘’Blood is red in color because of RBC’’ [5]

‘’Veins carry impure blood to heart’’ [4.5]

‘’This leaf is becoming yellow because of less chlorophyll’’ [4]

Children are seeing picture cards, photos in PC and linking them to their concepts.

Children can name the traditional musical instruments.

‘’Wind passes to lings through wind pipe’’ [3.5]

‘’Children can create their own stories.

‘’Fat is very slimy’’ [4]

‘’Food enters through food pipe and reaches our stomach’’ [5]

Children are good in looking, talking from books.

We thank the team for their good work in this small village.

Year end review in Sendurai - April'2016
Madras - Dharmam migu Chennai [Kandar kottam]

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