Pungeri UNI5 center's yearly review about children - April, 2016

Pungeri UNI5 center's yearly review about children - April, 2016

Children are able to relate every object, concept with a good example and to the self.

Children even play based on UNI5 concepts.

Higher level science topics have made them to grasp easily.

Children are much aware about various shapes and colors with nature.

Children are well behaved at home and public which has made public to focus in the center.

Children are able to talk around the higher level topics from elder students books.

Children have gained very natural love for good writing.

Children have much importance for ahimsa, unity and harmony.

Children have cultivated a regularity in daily prayer.

Childrens' parents have admired their talks, concept presentation and language development.

Children have become independent in care taking and they are very prompt in timing.

Parents feel that they are stressless in handling our children.

Few parents say that even a convent cannot cultivate such a good behavior pattern in this young age along with knowledge.

We thank Sendurai team for guiding this team and all support given by Pungeri team.

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