Uni5 centers' diary writing - September 2015



Energy concepts:

Sendurai – Glittering pen – drawing

CBE – Cotton – wick

Poraiyar – Agarbathy – fragrance smoke

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai – All land forms photos were shown in PC.

CBE – Gulf

Poraiyar – well with water

In CBE and Sendurai we gave away the reports and we are giving a very general observation.

  1. In Sendurai all parents came and received the reports.
  2. Children were happy to see their cards and narrative reports.
  3. We have also received feedback from parents about this whole term.
  4. Children’s expressions were so different when they saw the real photos of land and water forms in PC and they also spoke much around it.
  5. Our models made them to identify the real forms through photos.
  6. When they saw the real photos of sun, moon, planets they were much excited.
  7. A 3 year old child expressed all celestial bodies are circular in shape.
  8. We have prepared them to have our guests – P.C.Swaminathan, Mr.Aravind and Mr.Santhoshkumar.
  9. We prepared 3 greeting cards for them along with the children.
  10. A 4 year old child asked us where to get the decorating stones, jamkies and she wanted to do that activity at home too.
  11. For tomorrow’s Uni5 presentation we have arranged food energy with Annapoorani concept.

In CBE out of 31, only 17 parents came and received the reports.

This has to be condemned and Ms.Sumathy has to address the parents.

Children were happy and we too have documented the feedback.

Few parents have approached for admissions for term 2.

Again we cleaned Duragai idol. A 3 year old boy spoke much about Durga’s lion and behaved like that also.

Environment was also altered. When Bible words were recited a child asked, ‘’where is Christ’s photo with children?’’ – But they have replaced it in a way a child cannot see. This has to be immediately changed.

Poraiyar – In new toilet tiles were attached and our child helped the helper to pour water to them naturally.

Teachers explained why we drew kolam with rice powder when a child showed how ants are eating the rice powder in kolam.

A 4 year old boy sent his mother to inform about his sickness and asked for leave. This is a great transformation of responsibility.

New building is also being electrified. Children observed that also.

Tomorrow is Bakreeth and except Sendurai all centers are leave. CBE center will be reopened on October 5th.

Poraiyar is giving reports and leave on Friday.

Sendurai will be leave from 25th September and reopen later after October 5th.


Energy concepts:

Sendurai - natural fragrance smoking wood - smoke [saambraani]

CBE - Artificial clay - many models

Poraiyar - Lemon - juice - Vitamin C

Pungeri - Hoildays

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai - Becaues of Mookambika and Tulsi pooja no concept was given because of lack of time.

CBE - Polar land using ice 

Poraiyar - desert

Body level :

Sendurai - A child is aware about uses of sandal. 

A 2.75 year old child spitted upon the mirror and we ground the child. When we were instructing about this unacceptable attitude a 2 year old child started wiping the mirror with a napkin and helped the helpers.

CBE - Today a new idol of 10 hands Durga was placed in the center and teachers were cleaning the idol and this will bring lot of changes. Children observed the cleaning process and also few assisted us. When we opened the school gate the idol was there. It was placed by Mr.Suresh yesterday night. Children were much excited to see the real like lion idol attached with Durga. They also explored by touching the idol.

Poraiyar - The new building has to be fixed with the door. So we place all the tools in old building. Today morning before we came a 2.5 year old child was arranging all the working mats in proper place to start the day.

When our helper drew kolam before new class, a 3 year old child also went and drew a kolam before old class, which shows their respect.

Mind level:

Children enjoyed the day through work and communication in all centers.

Intellectual level:

Sendurai - When Tulsi pooja was done we had lot of questions with children. When we asked what is the name of the energy within Tulsi, a child said ''Laxmi''. When we asked what that energy gives, she said ''aishwaryam'' - wealth.

When Tulsi pooja was done 2 children recited the Mahalaxmi ashtakam with perfect language.

When Mookambika pooja was done a small child asked her friends also to chant shlokas.

Today a  crow took away a child's snack box. Immediately another child commented that crow can lift only plastic box and she has to bring an ever silver steel box like others.

CBE - A 2.75 year old child made a 2 year old child to trace the sand paper letter in English perfectly and presented the sound E.

When weather chart was shown a 2.5 year old child said that ''today is very hot just because sun is very bright''

A 2.75 year old child constructed building with legos and called us. He said that he has constructed a home with plastic bricks [yesterday we showed real wall construction]

When a child did paper cutting and made a flower, she said that paper energy is being converted into a flower. [Most of the Uni5 center children are now a days using the word ''energy'']


Tulsi pooja was done in all centers.

Venkatesan sir's sister as a guest performed neem tree pooja.

10 hands Durga idol was placed in CBE center.

Energy concept:
Sendurai - egg - chicken [real]
CBE - paper - paper flowers
Poraiyar - jeera - medicated water for digestion
Pungeri - match stick - flame
Uni5 concept:
Senduari - desert
CBE - wall construction
Poraiyar - gulf
Pungeri - desert
Body level observations:
Sendurai - Children are able to guide in taking care of physical appearance to others.
A 2 year old child performed Tulsi pooja by herself.
When a child observed our helper cleaning the walls she immediately brought the pan and brush for cleaning.
CBE - when children were taken upstairs to show a building construction, an elder child asked every one to be aware about hot and wear the foot wears. 
When a grand mother asked her 3 year old grand child to walk without footwear, she refused and insisted that we have to walk on roads only with foot wears.
Children arranged the kitchen set with perfection.
A 2.75 year old child made the 4 year special child to ground after telling for long time not to disturb the wall hangings.
Poraiyar - A child who has trimmed his hair insisted another child with heavy hair also to get cut and look smart.
A 2.5 year old child was smeared with coconut oil to protect from sun by a 4 year old child.
Pungeri - Reports were given, environment was cleaned, children also assisted naturally.
A 3 year old child came without proper combing and a 4 year old child combed the hair and dressed her properly.
A 3.5 year old child made us to remember to place the big dust bin inside the center before locking when we forgot it.
Mind level:
Sendurai - A 3 year old child came inside the center and happily searched for the clay Ganesa.
 Twins came with proper dressing and grand makeup came to school after attending their village Ganesa immersion and shared what they saw with us with total emotional expressions.
Children were excited to see the real models of land and water forms when shown as real photos in PC.
CBE - A 3 year old child used ashtamangalam set to perform Rama padhuka pooja.
Poraiyar - Children are good in guest treatment. When banana was given to a child by the guest he said ''thank you'' and expected the adult to say ''welcome''.
Pungeri - A 4 year old child came without lunch from her native place and other children shared their lunch with her naturally.
A 4.5 year old child went on decorating the Saraswathy idol with various garlands and observed.
Intellectual levels:
Sendurai - A 2 year old child used filter and poured water and she wasted the water and got corrected by another child.
When children were shown the sand model for desert, they touched the hot sand and said that desert also will be hot.
2 children took the musical set and played for very long time.
A 2 year old child gave presentation about animals tray to an elder child.
Children observed greetings card making and an elder child taught how to use the scissors to another child. They also spoke about the images they cut.
CBE - When paper flower was made children compared that with many celestial bodies.
When a parrot song was sang, a child said that they eat not only mango and also tomato, chilly etc. Another child asked why Mathangi has only one parrot and her neighbor has many in cage.
A child constructed a building with legos and spoke about his home to us.
Children have learned to prepare for rituals along with us.
Poraiyar - When elder students cleaned the unwanted plants our center children said that they cannot do that and harm the plants. Our teachers has to say that plants which are dangerous has to be cleaned.
When a child went to much the brinjal another child stopped him saying that the tooth will be spoiled.
Pungeri - When fruits book was given a child named all the familiar names. But he also said that foreign fruits are not familiar and he do not know the names. [we enjoyed the natural expression of the child]
A 3 year old child recited a Thirukural with perfect pronunciation.
A 3.5 year old child seek our help to know each and every material's name in English.
A 3 year old child worked with number rods perfectly and also arranged the beads with perfect counting till 4.
A 4 year old child used to leave the work when it is done wrongly. But today she asked for rubber and corrected it.
CBE - report day circular was given to parents
Pungeri - Natarajar pooja was done, reports were given. Feedback has to be received on October 5th.
Poraiyar - Venkatesan's sister cam eto observe the center to get trained.


Energy concepts:

Sendurai - match stick - fire - brightness in a dark room

Poraiyar - Pappaya and apple - body health energy

Pungeri - Tulsi herbal plant - juice to cure cold

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai - Gowmari amman pooja was done and we could not show Uni5

Poraiyar - bay

Pungeri - rivers flowing under the Earth

Body level observations:

Sendurai - Children are tuned towards regularity and proper winding up attitude.

Poraiyar - Doors has to be fixed in new room and materials are taken from old class. No proper observation.

Pungeri - Children do not expect others to do their work and environment's work. 

Children are much aware about others physical neatness too.

Mind level observations:

Sendurai - A child who has discontinued came to our center today and settled very well and followed all rules and regulation in handling the tools perfectly.

A group of children sat near us when we are decorating the report covers. They took the animal seals and spoke about each animals among them self. We enjoyed their language construction and expression.

Poraiyar - A 4th grade student just left the pipe leaking when its knob fell down, nut our center child went and tried the best to stop the water flow and called the teacher for help.

Children assisted us in arranging all tools in new room. They were very much aware about handling.

Pungeri - A 4 year old child took long time in arranging and enjoying by looking the colors, texture, designs of various garments of Goddess in prayer corner. When Sugumar gave the Laxmi doll for golu, a 3 year old child explored for a long time.

Intelligence level observations:

Sendurai - When make was done children are eager enough to know the name of each make up item.

Poraiyar -When the master appreciated a 3 year old child's song, she said to others that all can be appreciated when they show their skills.

When bay was shown a 4 year old child said it is ''vangaala viri kudaa'', teacher cannot answer properly. Teachers must have the presence of mind to say this is not only bay of Bengal, it represents generally any bay in the Earth.

Pungeri - A 4.5 year old child replayed various energy changing concepts like teachers.

The new lunch mat has many pictures of fruits and vegetables. Children touched them, named them and enjoyed.

In art and craft a wild seed was cut and used for printing with colors.

General observations:

Sendurai - Children exchanged many aspects about Vinayagar Chathurthi festival at home and school environment.

We observed all the pictures through PC, they look very beautiful.

Balance was given to Pungeri center.

Vasanthi amman abishekam was done, NOC work is being carried out by Sudarshan sir team.

A parent came forward with prasadham in Pungeri for pooja.


In all centers Vinayagar Chathurthi was celebrated and 17th will be  a holiday.


Energy concept:

Sendurai - rice flour - kozhukattai, arugam grass - garland

CBE - same as above, erukam flowers also becoming garland.

Poraiyar - clay - idol

Pungeri - rice flour - kozhukattai

* Poraiyar center is moving into a fresh new building on Vinagayar Chathurthi day. All the best!

As the festival was observed in 3 centers only Poraiyar showed bay as uni5 concept.


Sendurai - Clay Vinayagar was made and new Vinayagar - BalaVinayagar idol bought at Madurai was celebrated. Children observed with awareness. Ganapathy homam was performed. Children followed each step without our guidance. A Christian child was much involved in making clay Ganapathy. Children have no religion. When poojas were started she only started chanting shlokas. Ganapathy's picture was also colored and a 2 year old child why elephant does not have a nose like us. Children spoke much around the idol, parts etc. Each abishekam is done with simple proper explanation. Dr.Mani's father appreciated the interest and perfection of homam made by our teachers.A 3.5 year old child advised an younger child to change her wet dress after an EPL activity and said she will be infected with cold. A 3 year old child enjoyed the warmth of the dried cloth under sun and she also named that with natural expression and also made few others to enjoy that feel. A 2 year old child was unable to put the button in dressing frame and he was assisted by en elder children. An infant who was sneezing was corrected to sneeze by holding hands.

CBE - With real tradition the festival was celebrated. During pooja time children were distracted. This has to be focused by Ms.Sumathy and she has to train the staff to make the children to get settled at pooja contexts. A 2 year old child perfectly did liquid pouring activity. Observation has to be done more with awareness.

Pungeri - Parents involved in the festival. Village chief also attended the festival and donated Rs.300 to the center. Parents thanked the center for giving an opportunity to get exposed for such traditions and culture with real meaning. A 4.5 year old child came like Vinayagar in good costume and makeup. Many children brought flowers and arugam grass to Ganapathy.

Poraiyar - preparing to move to new class room. A 4 year old child brought rice and pottukadalai for pounding and another child brought groundnut for real object. Children question why rat is not made for ganapathy in clay and why pictures are showing rat? An elder child spoke about cleanliness of nails and asked a 3 year old child to keep the hands clean.


Energy Concepts:

Sendurai - clay becoming Vinayagar idol

CBE - same as above

Poraiyar - dry ginger becoming juicy medicinal drink

Pungeri - clay becoming Vinayagar idol

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai - no time because of poojas

CBE - night and day sky

Poraiyar - island

Pungeri - land absorbs water

Body level:

3.5 years old boy did brass washing very well and handled all tools perfectly; his parents have recently said that his adamant has reduced. [Sendurai]

Fear about disorderliness is seem to be removed from younger children by elder ones [when a 2 year old child made few vessels he was sacred, but an elder child supported him and calmly helped him to replace them correctly] - Sendurai

CBE - An elder child condemned an younger child for wasting water.

Today they gave few observations because the center is getting ready for PSG students.

Poraiyar - Getting readay to step into new building and we are in that process. Children are assisting us more.

Pungeri - For Tuesday Tulsi pooja a 2 year old child naturally with inner regularity cleaned and arranged for our rituals.

Our children are much aware about clay molding and water measurement.

Mind level:

Sendurai - ashtamangalam set has attracted most of the children, they do the pooja game with this and leave. 

CBE - Children are much aware about joining and singing with dancing.

Poraiyar - Very often we recite a Thirukural based on sharing food with poor people. That after noon a 4 year child recited very clearly this kural along with meaning and said that we can share our food.

Pungeri - A 4 year old child pasted neem leaves and applied to the wound of an younger child.

Intelligence level:

Sendurai - A 3.5 year old child presented like us [legos] to other younger children. [Much focus with language]

A 3.5 year old child after doing floor cleaning with sponge, he gave a show-tell presentation about clouds showering rain.

A 3.5 year old child perfectly guided younger ones to trace the shapes and fit into the inserts.

CBE - When Ganesa was colored children compared various body parts of them self and idol.

Poraiyar - When neem tree was prayed, a child asked why we have respect only neem tree, teachers answer is a question?

A child said that she is going to pray to a small plant from next week.

A child asked why granite idols are black in color and why we color clay idols. [Teachers' answer?]

A 4 year old child clearly gave the presentation of entire animal’s tray.

 Pungeri - A 4 year old child perfectly presented number rods till 10 to a 3 year old child.

When Vinayagar was made in clay a child himself created a song about Ganesa and started singing.

For 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th diary writing is being stopped from web loading because our staff team in all centers are under report and observation day work. 17th is hoilday and other days will be uploaded by this week Sunday.


Energy Concepts:

Sendurai – pottukadalai pounding – sweet dish

CBE – Karpoora valli juice – medicine for cold.

Poraiyar – paddy – puffed rice

Pungeri – flowers – garland

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai – Thriveni sangamam

CBE – desert, oiasis

Poraiyar – sea

Pungeri – salt farm

All centers have started talking about Vinayagar chathurthi which falls on 17th September.

Body level:

Sendurai – Elder children assist younger infants to carry a very heavy pounding stone. A 3 year child wished us and took his hand kerchief and started wiping Natarajar idol. A 2 year old child took ashtamangalam set and played with Goddess idol for long time and came back after putting them at right place.

CBE – Elder children help younger ones in various ways.

Pungeri – Infants are becoming aware about materials, their placements etc. A 4 year old child handled all brass vessels to wash with perfection. When Shiva Pooja was done a 4 year old child took the traditional fan – kavari and used it properly. When Ms.Revathy cleaned the fan and left for some work a 4.5 year old child asked her why she has not replaced the fan in its corner.

Poraiyar – A 2 year old child’s beads were unstringed and she gave them to the center for EPL activity.

Mind level:

Poraiyar - When sea concept was shown a 4 year old child said that she wanted her elder brother to observe the presentation.

Intelligence level:

Pungeri – When Ganesa doll was asked to touch, a 4 year old child gave clear cut instructions how to touch with care. She also says that we have to keep the doll carefully as it is made of china clay.

Sendurai – When a 2 year old child was doing puzzle work he could not fix for a long time and he was guided by another elder child to finish it.

4 year old child perfectly did dressing frame.

2.5 years old infant played for a long time with a group using kitchen set. More language observation was made.

CBE – We made Vinayagar with clay and children followed us and made many small Ganesas.

When EPL activity happened a child saw a spider net and said that how can a small spider can spin a very big web?  

Children uses many kitchen tools and play, 2 children observed another child’s shirt printed with pictures like sun, stars and clouds.

An elder child corrected an younger child when she wasted water.

Pungeri – A 4 year old child traced the shapes properly, named correctly and colored. She also taught the names to a smaller child.

Two children took picture cards and named many pictures correctly.

A 4.5 year old child narrated very clearly with modulation of voice and expression which she heard from her relative in another town.

PoraiyarWhen sea was shown a 4 year old child said that both Earth and sea are wearing a blue saree. This is the context a teacher has to say out the fact that Earth looks blue because of sea and she has to show the blue color globe and this has to be narrated tomorrow.


General observations:

In Sendurai 31 children gave permission letter for staying after 12.30.

PSG College of art and science – Biochemistry department – 32 students with 3 staff members are observing the child behavior and pattern of work at early stages on 18th September. They are going to talk about child’s health to them and parents. Circular is given to all parents. Ms.Deepa is working well and mingling well with all staff and children.

Many questions were answered about Lord Ganesa in Poraiyar.


Energy Concepts:

Sendurai - leaves are coconut flowers becoming thoranam, flowers - garlands, rice - pongal

CBE - raw rice powder - floral drawings

Poraiyar - orange - juice 

Pungeri - rice - pongal

In Sendurai, Pungeri, Poraiyar and CBE we celebrated Varalxmi festival.

In Pungeri - rivers merging - veni sangamam [Uni5]

Poraiyar - pond and lake [Uni5]

Festival observation in Senduai:

Parents participated with real dedication and thanked us.

Mahalaxmi Golu idol has been well decorated with children's assistance.

Kalasam was placed and traditional rituals were performed and pooja was done.

Each life energy [SAL Energy] was shown with respective objects as Laxmies.

Children observed with real calmness and awareness.

Pongal was offered as Prasadham.

The whole center was shining with Laami kadaksham.

Festival observation in CBE:

Idol decoration was done very well.

But the stone idol was not exposed why?

Other Lamies were exposed with respective objects.

Sundal and Pongal was offered.

Only 2 parents came and participated and it is very bad about the self-interest of the parents but we beleive children observe everything.

Festival observation in Poraiyar - Poraiyar:

Show -tell method was done  to explain all 8 Laxmies.

Teachers must see the behavior of the children during festivals.

Sacred lamp pooja was done in Sendurai.

Children asked the names of various Lamies.

Children assisted us in arranging for festivals.

Children observed the ear rings of Laxmi, saree, lotus at hands.

Aadhi laxmi has been sown as Sun - the source for all energy.

Body level:

In Sendurai it rained suddenly, immediately 4 children took the weather chart and started comparing the climate and pictures with the day.

When Mathangi was dressed , a child said that today her mother will also come like Mathangi in a good looking dress.

A 3 year old child compared her height with others. [CBE]

Ashta laxmi Golu dolls has to be purchased from Madurai. [Sendurai]

Children observed appreciated the Laxmi decoration with all staff members. [CBE]

A parents left the slippers somewhere and a 2 year old child replaced it properly at show stand and she felt bad. [CBE]

A 4 year was able to express that he is sick and need to rest. [Poraiyar]

A Christian child compelled her mother to apply sandal at forehead like others [Poraiyar]

Mind level:

In all centers children participated actively and observed with real awareness.

Intellectual level:

A child saw Thiruvalluvar picture and said that he wrote many Thirukuralas. [Poraiyar]

A child dressed in the same color like the dress given to the Laxmi idol and came. She was very particular about that color matching. [Poraiyar]

Children asked many questions about objects and Laxmi [Poraiyar]

A child asked why legos are not looking like bricks. [Pungeri]

A child played as if he is in forest and made every animal model to eat and drink [Pungeri]


Energy concepts:

Sendurai - coconut - coconut milk used for various dishes and medication

CBE - ice - water

Poraiyar - coconut - coconut milk used for various dishes and medication

Pungeri - Wheat - poori, chapathy

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai - Today we have started our very first nature walk as the climate has changed. [Special observation will be given]

CBE - Forest

Poraiyar - peninsula

Pungeri - body and blood - underneath the Earth and rivers

Body level:

An elder child asked the younger one to make up well with care.

The holy stick from Ramanujar idol fell down and a 2 year old child tried for long time to replace it perfectly.

An elder child asked why a 2 year old child very often forgets to get hand kerchief for nose blowing and sneezing.

A 3 year old child pasted turmeric and applied at the hurt of an younger child. [CBE]

It was very windy in CBE , many twigs and leaves got collected in the steps, elder children naturally went to clean them. [CBE]

An elder child insisted an infant that without hand washing he cannot eat lunch and also assisted him to do it.

Elder children assist younger ones in keeping the body clean and neat.

An elder child condemned an younger child who came without cleaning the toilet and washing the body well and made the child to clean it.

When an infant made the pink tower to fall, he came back and replaced well.

When flowers were removed and thrown by an infant an elder child checked tat, took them washed and replaced in uruli. [Poraiyar]

Mind level:

A crying child with thorn was assisted immediately by an elder child.

An elder child asked the helpers to be aware about his friend's feet which is being badly hurt when putting the shoes.

Ms.Viji and Ms.Pavithra came us guest to CBE and elder children gave  a warm welcome very naturally.

A 4 year old child welcomed all children with saffron today [?]

Intelligence level:

More questions were asked about snakes when forest was shown in CBE.

A child observed the beautifully colored metal parrot in CBE and started talking about its various features.

Children have learned to worship and respect neem tree after regular poojas and offer flowers to the tree in Poraiyar. Children have also learned to water the tree and pray to it as the symbol of energy.

In Pungeri children prepared wheat dough perfectly with proper measurement of water.

In Pungeri it looked very nice to see girls carrying traditional pots with water in hip and walking.

When the rack was pulled by an infant, elder children condemned that in Sendurai.

In nature walk more intellectual skills were observed. [Sendurai]

[Sendurai] - Children collected many flowers in nature walk, came back and offered to Ganesa idol and decorated the uruli.

When we grated coconut children warned us to be very careful.

2.5 year old child in CBE taught churning activity to the new child.

Ashtamangalam set is very often used by children.

In CBE Laxmi concept was introduced.

In Poraiyar peninsula is being showed with model and map and a child asked about crossing the seas with ships.

New aero plane is being shown with various parts and after that a small group compared that with human body parts. [Poraiyar]

A child compared body of the fish with the shape of the plane. [Poraiyar]

Monkey and saw story was well narrated by 4 year old children.Language skills were observed. [Pungeri]

A 2.5 year old child took the picture book and taught about sea animals to an infant.[Pungeri]

General observations:

Veera Laxmi, Vijaya Laxmi - Sendurai

[any work which is being done with perfection also comes under Vijaya Laxmi]

Ganga arthi was done in all centers.

Dhana laxmi, Veera Laxmi - CBE

Veera, Gaja, Vijaya Laxmies - Pungeri

General Laxmi concept - Poraiyar


Energy concepts:

Sendurai - beads becoming garland and this cannot be considered as ebergy conversion.

CBE - Wheat - chappathy

Poraiyar - milk - coffee

Pungeri - jamkies and glitters becoming designs.

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai - peninsula

CBE - well and water

Poraiyar - well and water

Pungeri - Island

Body level observations:

When snacks spilled from a 2 year old child's box, it was taken and eaten by another child. By seeing this that child shared from his box.

A child cleaned another child's shirt and pant after playing in sand pit.

An infant handed over the safety pin fell from his friend's shirt to us for safe measures.

A 3 year old child prepared the environment ready for lunch by placing the dirty mats at washing tub.

A 2.5 years child was helped to wear his slippers by an elder child.

Children helped CBE helpers to wash and sundry the vessels.

In Pungeri a 4 year old child medicated with first aid box to the infant who has a hurt with real care.

Few children took ashtamangalam set and performed rituals play in Pungeri.

An elder child also corrected another child to replace a material in its correct corner.

When a small child could not wind up the legos properly he was guided by another child to do it.

In Poraiyar when an infant cried because of tight foot wears an elder child assisted to remove them.

An infant with wet legs and soil asked the helpers by body langauge to assist to pour water to clean and enter into the class room.

Mind level observations:

Children try to adjust for many things. [Sendurai]

No child is allowed to use the physical force to threat others at any context. [Sendurai]

An elder child asked few children to keep silence during sleeping hour and not to disturb others who are sleeping. [Sendurai]

Teachers must learn to observe unique actions nad behavior of children.

In CBE an elder child requested the teachers to give tools to work for crying new child.

Today neem tree pooa was done in Poraiyar.

Intellectual level:

1.5 year old child churned and he took the water bubbles and drew patterns.

Elder children corrected the wrong activities of younger children.

In sand pit a child made iddlies with various size coconut shells and compared the sizes.

Children look and compared many objects with shapes [round flowers - wheel]

Constructive triangles were erected as tower and compared to mountain in CBE.

In CBE 2 children had long conversation about ashtamangalam set.

In CBE a 2 year old child naturally learned Tamil sounds through sand paper letters.

In Pungeri a 3 year old child taught English sounds with respective nouns to another small child.

A 4 year old child played a drama with imagination and spoke like animals with animal tray sets.

In Poraiyar when milk was shown for real object a 1.5 year old child spoke around cow-milk.


In CBE Ms.Deepa has joined from Monday as volunteer.

In CBE santhana and dhaanya Laxmies where shown.

Pungeri - dairya, santhaana and dhana laxmies were shown.


Energy concepts:

Sendurai - curd - butter milk - butter

CBE - agarbathy - fragrance

Pungeri - Orange - juice - body energy

Poraiyar - leave no school because of Velankanni festival

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai - forests

CBE - Well with water

Pungeri - puddles

Body level:

A child who spilled his snacks refused helpers to clean that place and he himself cleaned.

A 1.75 year old infant rearranged his lunch bag very perfectly.

A 2 year old child spilled the whole color beads tray and he picked them up and replaced with perfection.

Mind level:

A child shares lot of snacks brought from home with many children.

When a 2 year old child got neglected by a small group for play, an elder child made them to accept him.

A 2.5 year old child showed his mehandhi applied by his friend to him to all very happily.

An elder child consoled an crying infant by giving snacks.

When a staff was little bit tensed because of the child 's attitude she says that she cannot become angry to friends like her.

Sharing and adjustment happen among infants also.

Intellectual level:

An elder child corrected the hand position to receive the pounded pottukadalai. 

In Pungeri a new child was given juice in ever silver cup saying that she cannot be given now in glass because she is new and need to learn how to handle.

A child saw an earth mover machine outside of the school and he tried to make a model out of legos.

Tulsi pooja done in all 3 centers.

A 3 year old child condemned two of his friends who were misusing legos and taught them to handle gently without noise.

A child in CBE drew many scribbling in kolam powder and spoke about hills, crows, rivers etc.

A 3 year old child wished the head in charge and also asked others to wish her in CBE.

Elder children are always concerned about smaller ones about their acceptable behavior.

They ask them to wait, share, adjust and behave well.

Festivals observed:

1. Mary's birth day was observed, prayers were done.[compassion to all, sacrifice]

2. Tulsi pooja

3. In Sendurai we have started giving concepts of ashta laxmis.[Vidhya, dhanyam]


Energy Concept

Sendurai - Coconut flowers becoming traditional thoranam

Coimbatore - not shown anything

Poraiyar - white chart paper becoming a good envelop cover

Pungeri - hay becoming pirimanai [a traditional hand made stand to place the round bottom vessels]

Uni5 concepts

Sendurai - Desert

CBE - Mountain ranges

Poraiyar - water falls

Pungeri - continents

Body level:

Proper winding up happened.

A child was condemned by another child not for using kerchief when sneezing.

A child directed another child who drew kolam out of the respective corner and wasting the kolam powder.

A child repaired the wooden stool when got broken with its leg piece by another child and asked to be very careful.

A child assisted to remove and wear dry cloth after water activity.

A child condemned another one for misusing sleeping mats.

In Poraiyar when senior children were not standing in line to get the meals a 4 year child advised them to follow civics sense. 

When a child's shirt button fell down, an elder child took it and asked him to give to his mother for stitching.[Poraiyar]

Mind level:

A special child who cannot stand properly was assisted by another child to stand for songs session. [Sendurai]

Elder children like to spoon feed the younger ones out of natural love.

In Sendurai an younger child made an elder child to lay down and sleep and sang lullaby.

A child said to helper that she will bring hot water from home for massaging the paining leg.[CBE]

In CBE a grandfather asked who is Mathangi. He thought she is a real lady because the child says daily she needs flowers for Mathangi.

In Pungeri a 2 year old child was grounded. She was insisted to ask sorry by her sister and she refused. Immediately the sister went near the idol and prayed that her little sister must become good.

Intellectual level:

Elder children properly showed how to use churning tool to churn the curd.

In Sendurai, when a girl smashed her flowers it was condemned by another child.

In Sendurai a child arranged the circles based on size variation from geometrical cabinet.

Spoon and fork was given in CBE to eat fruits.

In Pungeri a 4 year old child took a book and started narrating all the nouns and verbs with her own imagination.

In Pungeri the 1 year old infant was very keenly observing the geometrical shapes.

In all centers children are aware about weather, when it rained in farms a child showed a land piece and compared with island in Poraiyar.


Energy concepts:

Sendurai – how is air is being blown into a flute and changed into sound.

Coimbatore – rice – pongal sweet cooked rice

Poraiyar - how is air is being blown into a flute and changed into sound.

Pungeri – not shown any thing.

Uni5 concepts: Today all centers celebrated Krishna Jeyanthi and the whole activity is based on that. Only in Poraiyar they showed bay [land form]

Krishna Jeyanthi observations:

In Sendurai more than 10 children were dressed and given makeup like Radhaa – Krishnaa.

A Christian child in Sendurai also came in Krishna makeup.

Children were much aware about their costume and make up.

A child who refused to take up the makeup last time came forward to dress like Krishna.

In Coimbatore center children observed others and them self.

Ms.Anandhi [CBE teacher] dressed in north Indian style saree like Radhaa.

In Pungeri 15 children and parents took part very happily. Many were dressed up like Krishna.

In Poraiyar no one can come in Krishna costume [poor backup]. But celebrations have been done in traditional way.

Teachers’ day celebration in UNi5 centers:

In Sendurai 2.5 years old Kruba wished us for this day and her mother has made a good looking flower bunch.

It is very bad that not parents came and wished the teachers even after insisting them about the importance through a letter. This shows the ignorance of the villagers.

In CBE a 3 year old child wished the teachers. Few parents came and wished us.

But in a very remote village like Pungeri all children were prepared at home to wish us.

In Poraiyar few parents even prepared sweets and send us. This is making us to question about the education in India. The young generation parents even do not have the attitude to just wish the staff members even after educating them. So there is a question where we stand in our human attitude even after spending lakhs of money to a village.

Body level observations:

Sendurai: Elder children were much aware about the costumes of the younger ones and few assisted them in makeup, drinking water etc. Children participated in festival and helped us very well.

Coimbatore – An elder child asked a 3 year old child not to waste the dry fruits in Pongal sweet dish and said about its uses too.

Pungeri – children made a garland with color beads and decorated the Goddess. When all 3 staff was involved in doing makeup, a child urinated and immediately an elder child asked the helper to focus in makeup and she assisted in cleaning.

Poraiyar – A 3 year old child’s hairstyle was corrected very well by a 5 year old boy.

Mind level:

In all 4 centers more fun and joy with dance and music for Krishna jeyanthi can be seen.

In Coimbatore a 3 year old child waited with much patience for getting prasadham.

A 3 year old child was waiting and shared every event with her mother immediately she came inside to pick her back to home.

Very young children started imitating our actions and we must aware about that.

Intellectual level:

In Sendurai a 4 year old child corrected the pink tower’s arrangement in the corner and went to enjoy the function.3 year old child stopped younger ones in touching the feet drawings of Krishna drew with rice powder. A child was misusing long stairs and it was corrected by a 1.5 years old child. A 3 year old child have started making a small team and used to present animals tray like us and her language development is evolving.

In Pungeri when a 4 .5 year old child taught how to use the legos a 3 year old child learned and thanked.

In Poraiyar many children enjoyed the tiny feet drawings of Krishna and compared with their foot size. A 4 year old child placed her feet near the drawing and compared the size also.


Energy concepts

Sendurai - white stone - kolam powder - kolam

Coimbatore - Butter - ghee

Poraiyar - Raw rice - paste - kolam, all dishes to eat.

Pungeri - banana - a sweet dish called panchamrutham

Uni5 concepts:

Sendurai - recalled bay land form

Coimbatore - Volcano

Poraiyar - how roots absorb water?

Pungeri - water cycle

Body level observations:

Sendurai - when a child asked help from the helper, another child helped naturally. We were corrected  by a 2 year old child in spreading the mat for a presentation in better way.

Coimbatore - a child made banana shaped wheat dough and enjoyed, children are slowly attaining the perfection in pouring liquids without spilling, a child spoke about soap washing and bath taking in relation with idols at centers being washed with various fragrance water. Children explored the new Krishna idol and named each part with correct word. A child sat near the kitchen set corner and played as if she is really cooking, tasting for salt etc.when a child was crying during songs session an elder child danced before him to stop his cry. A 3 year old child appreciated the teachers for arranging the new rack very well.

Poraiyar -  Few children can eat very well following table manners. Not enough

Pungeri - elder children are much aware about infants' dressing order, materials. [not happy about the observation in Pungeri, they said that they have come to home and forgot the observation, this is not good]

Mind level observations:

Sendurai - A child who went to Kerala for Onam [took long leave] shared all her experience with Onam in Kerala and related that with our celebrations, when bay land form was shown an ant fell inside the water and a child felt very sorry for that and removed it.

Coimbatore - a child wanted the emotional support physically with a teacher and sat near her and worked for a long time. Yesterday a child was corrected for plucking a leaf and today he saw a leaf and took it to the teacher and said that he did not plucked it.

Poraiyar - not given properly.

Intellectual observations:

Sendurai - hibiscus flower as real object was introduced after our presentation by a 4 year old girl with perfect language. Children are able to relate very well various things to the self.

Coimbatore -  A 4 year old special child was able to count properly and do the material. A 2 year old child made chappathy in dough, he prayed and tried to chew the uncooked dough and it was corrected by an elder child. A 3 year old child taught how much of pressure has to be given to the piston to pound the rice. A 3 year old girl is well versed in giving name lessons of birds. Children are much interested in kitchen work and it has to be encouraged for more focusing. A 4 year old boy played as if he prepares a tea in Indian style.

Pungeri - a child was much about wasting of food grains and corrected his friends. When new globe was introduced, a 4 year old child searched for his village. A 4.5 year old child tried to make the correct spelling in English with movable alphabets. In same way 1-10 cards were identified. Children corrected each other, art and craft was also given.

Poraiyar - we will document on 4th because today cell phone connection cannot be received.


Ganga arthi was done in all 4 centers.

Potatoes were boiled and given for various EPL activities in Sendurai.

Krishna jeyanthi legend was narrated in all centers.

Children who are interested can come like Krishna and Radhaa.

Teacher’s day function is also being observed tomorrow.

In Coimbatore August month syllabus was shown to the parents and monthly articles were also given.


Energy concept

Sendurai – chalk piece becoming a beautiful drawing.

Coimbatore – Poster colors changing into good painting.

Poraiyar – ice changing into water and water getting converted into vapor

Pungeri – water poured to plants and plants gives us flowers – vegetables and fruits

Uni5 concepts

Sendurai – recalled well and water

Coimbatore – volcano

Pungeri – how smoke is being spread out with air

Poraiyar – island

Body level observation

Sendurai – 2 year old child washed his hands before touching the ashtamangalam set.

An elder child made enough space for the younger one to sit in the circle time.

2.5 year old child applied mehandhi to her hands and also to others who wanted.

2.75 year old child cleaned the working spot with pan and brush and sat for working.


A 3 year old child asked her grandfather to walk properly and carefully in steps washed with water.

A 2.75 year old child got hurt. His ear dressing fell down and was disposed in dust bin properly.

A 4 year old child was directed not to dismantle anything from materials.

New racks were bought and materials were well placed and helped by few children.

A 3 year old child said that instead of the helper she can help all.


A 4 year old child combed a 2 year old child’s hair.

A 2 year old child was helped by a 4 year old child to wash the legs properly.

Two children rearranged the shoe stand very well.

A 2 year old child was doing make up and observing herself in mirror.

Children help the helpers in morning to draw floral designs at entrance.


A 1.75 year old child learned to dust and clean the hall very well with pan and brush.

A 4.5 year old child rearranged the book rack with perfection.

A 2 year old child replaced crayons at respective place which has been thrown in some place by an elder child.

A 4.5 year child year was very perfect in pealing and chopping boiled potatoes and sharing with all children.

Mind level Observations:


A child was newly admitted [38 now in total] and he was well settled by an elder child with a material.

A 2.5 year old child was always laughing and enjoying all the activities.

New child was keeping on touching and exploring Mathangi idol.


A 2 year old child was very happy in dancing and singing throughout the day.

2 new admissions came and this has not been told. This shows the lack of awareness in communication. The new child was crying and a 2 year old child was asking the tutors to settle down them.


Children were able to console each other by emotional touch and materials.


A 4 year old child brought flowers and performed poojas by herself to Devi.

Intellectual level:


During prayer time a 3 year old child warned other infants not to touch the materials before prayer. A 3 year old child taught months to a 2 year old child. A 2.5 year old child gave the name lessons of animals through models to a 2 year old child.


When neelanjanam ritual was done with raw rice a child questioned why we are not cooking and putting that rice. A 2.75 year old child did garden work with perfection. Elder children asked the younger ones to wait for their turns in any activity.

A special observation: A child’s mother used to come in churidhar and today she came in nighty dress and the child pointed out the teachers and said that she has to wear good looking dress like them and the mother felt bad about her laziness.

A 1.75 child’s mother said that the knowledge given through this center for Rs.600 is very much high and the fees is very cheap.


When snacks was given [sundal] in cone shaped paper, a 4 year old child compared that with cone – geometrical solid. A 3 year old child was checked for putting the working mat wrongly by a 2 year old child. A 2.5 year old child thanked the cook when she served the food. In weather chart a 3 year old child who cannot talk well showed the respective visual picture correctly. When ice was shown for energy conversion children spoke about Polar Regions.


1.75 year old child took solid cone and observed. 4 year old children assist the younger ones to do geometrical shapes puzzles correctly. The infant who tried to go near the lamp was cared by the elder child. This infant likes to observe big bells’ sound.


Coimbatore – finger printing, clay work, rack arrangement

Ms.Mallika accepted to take old animal models for balar vadi.

In Sendurai aero plane model was well explained and 3 year old Sabari narrated his flight experience from Madurai to Thirupathy.

Porauyar teachers need to learn many concepts thoroughly.

Krishna with flute fiber doll bought by Pranav was taken and placed in environment in Coimbatore.

Mahesh: Rs.5000 [for 2 children]

Amudha: Rs.7000 [for children]



From today we are observing the diary writing in Uni5 pattern.


Energy Concepts given in Uni5 centers:

1. Sendurai - coconut fibers changing into ropes

2. Coimbatore - milk changing into curd and curd being converted into butter milk.

3. Pungeri - sugar cane converted into juice and it has been shown that sugar is extracted from that juice.

4. Poraiyar - not given. It has been very strictly told that they must present energy conversion concept daily.

Uni5 concepts in all centers:

1. Sendurai - bay is the land and water concept shown with models.

2. Coimbatore - Mountain cliff has been recalled today and the teachers said that they cannot see the real cliff and this shows their lack of keen observation.Tomorrow they have to go to the terrace and observe the cliff and show to the children.

3. Pungeri - desert is the land space model shown.

4. Poraiyar - 2 concepts have been shown which is not acceptable. Volcano and water cycle. This center must follow us.

Body level observations:

Sendurai - There was no current and it was very hot and sweating. A 2.5 year old child asked a small baby whether she is feeling very hot and sweating.

Coimbatore - A 3 year old child assisted a 1.5 year old infant to put off his hip cops while drinking water.

Pungeri - A 4.5 year old child was pounding rice. A 10 month old infant asked for eating and she said that raw rice is not good for health and he cannot eat because he do not have teeth.

A 2 year old child stopped an infant carrying foot wears inside the environment.


no observation

Mind level observations:

Sendurai - A 2.5 year old child was crying and took part in all activities.

Other 3 centers have not observed? 

Intellectual level observations:

Sendurai - A 3 year old girl went near the big doll and verbalizing each body part correctly by touching the respective body part of the doll.

When we were showing coconut fibers a 3 year old child took and made a fiber ball and related to the shape sphere.


When we are giving the legend about Krishna a 3 year old child again and again asked to name the characters.


A 2.5 year old child disturbed ashtamangalam set and an elderly child stopped that and put it into order. A 2.5 year old child was unable to do perfect winding up and she has been guided by an elderly child. When we showed desert, we narrated about water and a child asked them where we get water. The staff needs to answer as oasis tomorrow. In uni5 concepts thorough knowledge is very important.


A deligate from France came and we prepared a greeting card and our elderly child came forward and welcomed the guest with natural compassion. A 3 year old child spoke back in English when the guest asked few questions. Moringa leaves were shown as real object. A 3 year old child went to his elder brother and said that today their mother cooked that and we must eat, because it is rich in iron. A 1 year old child was stopped for wasting water very firmly by a 4 year old child.

Other activities:

Tulsi pooja happened in all centers other than Poraiyar but they did poojas to Saraswathy.

In Sendurai 29 children have given permission letter to stay after 12.30 P.M.

We are planning to show thriveni sangamam [merging of rivers] - Sendurai

We are getting feed back from parents and Mr.Suresh Kumar handed over the poem and letter from Pradheep through children for teachers day.

Mr.Sudarshan[house owner] came to Pungeri.

Mageshwari left for craft and arts materials purchase to city side in Pungeri. They have also pasted the syllabus for August to parents.

French guest was happy with the center and she took many photos also and asked few concepts to be presented again.

Parents feedback from Coimbatore Uni5 center - Aug...
Dr.Madeswaran.M comments about Pungeri Uni5 center...

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