Uni5 visit to Malaysia and Singapore - April-May 2016 - a report

''Every action done by us has to be well reasoned and understood'' - says Buddha.
The 13 days wisdom trip to east Asia - Malaysia and Singapore [April, May 2016] by DR.Madeswaran.M after the trip made by Dr.Pradheep Challiyill in December 2015 has made new thinking process among the Indian society residing there in the field of education, parenting, teacher-student relation and spiritualism.
The 2 years trip made by them has made the Indian society to understand the Uni5 system. It is clearky understood that Dr.Pradheep lays the foundation upon which Dr.Madeswaran constructs the theme.
The selfless service rendered by Mr.VelMurugan and his team in Malaysia has made us to give 2 solid days workshop about successful parenting in a Government Tamil School.
The impact of previous workshop has been taken by the society and most of them came with many transformations. The second day session was very challenging about single parenting and teen age group. That was serious also. Teachers have requested for a special 2 days workshop in December.
The dedication given by Mr.VelMurugan and his family with team in organizing the talks is being well respected with great thanks!
We gave a talk about the historical approach of Lord Ayyappa and need for his worship in newly erected Ayyappa temple.
We thank Mr.Anandha Mani was arranging the visa for second time and he has taken in-charge of Maha Chandi Homam from this year. We performed 1 homam in his home.
After 3 days we were under the humble selfless care of Mr.and Ms.Thanigai Gopal and his family. He and his team members have done a great service to Indian society at awareness level. The efforts they have taken in 2 years have made Sakthi foundation and Uni5 system to get rooted in this nation.
Every one worked with selfless nature and their only aim was to take the facts and truth to mass. There was no single stress for us. 
Mr.Deepan, Mr.Shanmuga Priyan, Mr.Moorthy and Mr.Parasu - others have made several arrangements. Senior personalities in various fields attended our sessions. This is because of their efforts.
Mr.SathishKumar has rendered his service in transport which cannot be forget.
Every one worked for solid hours, ran to venue and made the sessions.
1. 2 days UNI5 periya puranam
2. One day parenting session
3. Kanchi Maha Swamigal
4. Sakthi peetams
5. Raavendra swamigal
Many said that SAL ENERGY concept is well defined and easy to understood. The need for worship and rituals through Vedic tradition is being well focused with Guruji's guidance.
Many said that their vision in spirituality has changed.
Parenting session was well taken through teen age groups' needs.
Very senior people in various service, VIPs have recognized the Uni5 aspect of approaching any field.
People have also kept request for various topics in December. They also wait for Dr.Pradheep.
We thank members of foundation, teachers and others for making the back ground in these years for this good take off.
We thank DR.Pradheep and Guruji for guiding.
Let us grow......
with gratitude
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