Defective manufacturing of goods affects few customers, but unhealthy pregnancy affects several generations of familes world wide.

   Swiss watches, and Japanese electronics have high value because the high quality of  raw materials and the skill of the maker. We dont realize this when we create a child. The quality of food we eat and the quality of the thought determine the quality of the physical and mental health of the child.

   We seldom think that error's made in the manufacturing of anything is a frustrating when it comes to correct it while using it. The same holds good when making errors in pregnancy results in a frustrating life of an individual and the soceity. Comapnies enforce quality standards to be met during manufacturing, which we ignore during Pregnancy, the manufacture of Human Beings.  

  Following the suggestions given in the web site, many pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, miscarriage, premature babies, breached babies, allergies, ezcema, and other such complications and pediatric diseases can be avoided or minimized to a signficant extent. 

   Pregnancy of animals are similar to human beings and they experience less problems than ours due to their natural life style. Delayed labor and so induction of labor , C-section (Ceasarian) and prolonged labor more than 25 hours  has become very common.

  Our mothers and grandmothers share us their simple home deliveries  without any complications and medical interventions. They key feature is that their labor was less than an hour in contrast to their daughters experiencing more than 24 hours in labor. Reason is lack of exercise and loss of their elasticity of their muscles. When women give birth at older age (more than 25) then they have to remember to exercise well and make their muscles toned. We have given information to make the  muscles more elastic through Ayurvedic medicines. These approaches is time tested and will help us to give birth to healthy children.

   Mothers only can produce healthy children and children free from diseases by taking care of their pregnancy. We have several women write us about various ailments of new borns. It is too late to correct those diseases. If they had taken healthy steps during pregnancy then they could prevent many hospital visits for their new born.

   The information given here is not bookish knowledge but all practical information. We have experience of children completely free from pediatric visits because their mothers followed healthy instructions as given here. The post delivery care for mother and child is a long lasting health step for several generations. 

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3.Stages of growth of embryo


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