Uni5 Biochemical Energy Conversion

This article is written for the Biochemistry students visiting Uni5 School in Coimbatore on Sep 18th 2015. The article guides what the college students can connect to the Biochemistry concepts observing the one year to five year old children at the Uni5 Sakthi Schools.

In Uni5 concept, we define Biochemistry is about how the Physical Energy is converted from one form to another through various chemical reactions in Biological systems.

Example, how the Energy from sun is trapped by plants through chemical reactions (Photo synthesis) and stored as food. The energy in the food is then broken down by enzymatic chemical reactions in body and converted into ATP which then drives mechanical actions (Muscle contractions), physicological processes, biochemical processes etc.

This Energy convertion occurs in five steps. Energy undergoes expansion (Sun's energy expanded and reaches all planets, like Earth). Then the Sun's Energy localizes in plant. There it interacts with the components  like water, NADPH etc, resulting into transformation to glucose, which is then stably stored as starch.

Universal patternChildren learn these five patterns in their baby language as Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, the five Pancha Bhootas.  These five Energy converting pattern can be seen right from the convertion of

Space-Time Energy into quarks, protons, electrons,

then to atoms, elements in periodic table, to molecules, to compounds,

then to organells, cells, tissues, organs, systems, body,

then to family, neighbourhood, community, town

then to state, coutnry, continent, world, Universe.

This Energy pattern learning is the very backbone of Bharath Indian ancient heritage, which has stood the test of time for eons.  More details in this link.http://uni5.co/index.php/en/uni5-education-system-ues-2/uni5-school-energy-pattern

The Biochemistry students can connect to their subject, by integrating the differnent conceptual tools used by Uni5 children. They also connect these five to their own being.

The students can understand how these comcepts if introduced in the early years can make learning easy and efficient, especially at college level.

The Students also can give creative suggestions to teachers and also to Uni5 Sakthi Foundation how to implement in their college level and also other schools. The students can start looking at Biochemistry from this Energy transformation point of view and make their learning easy and also apply future in their jobs to be creative and helping themselves, humanity and other beings.

Caution: Students are asked to look at the tools not as religious images, but as scientific Energy convertion concepts. Ofcourse they can see religious-cultural aspects in the school aswell.

Other references



Universal energy principle of biological systems and the unity of bioenergetics.


Feedback by Ms.Sumathy [Correspondent] about PSG CA College 3rd year Biochemistry students visit 
Date: 18.9.2015
''35 students and 1 staff member came for observation. They first accepted and followed all the instructions given by the center. After some time out of eagerness each one started working with the children with respective tools and also interacted. Much awareness about the scientific tools and the handling was often given by the staff members.
Energy concept - panchabhootha  - sun - green grams - sprouts - plants - cow taking the feed - milk - curd - butter milk and butter with ghee [Show tell] 
Uni5 concept - land absorbs water
Land formation - well water linked with above said Uni5 concept.
All the sensorial tools were shown and explained.''
Ms.Anandhi says, ''College students were much interested and they observed well. When children chose the materials, work, wind up they were surprised to see the inner order.''
Ms.Raji, '' Our children accepted the elder students, interacted very well, answered''
Ms.Usha, ''Each sensorail tools was observed with the name and few details. Few felt they are very good for special children. They also worked with the children''
Feedback given by students
1. It is good to see the stress free teachers not becoming angry with the child when they do a mistake.
2. The system gives chance for self-learning and self-exploration.
3. The system gives freedom which makes the child to evolve further.
4. Children are aware about doing acceptable and unacceptable actions.
5. Emotional bond between the child and teacher is very good.
6. The home like setup is very unique and it makes the child to settle soon.
7. We have learned so much from the small age group in this center.
8. ”நேற்று கல்லில் செய்த கடவுளைப் பார்த்தேன், மனம் நிறையவில்லை. இன்று குழந்தைகள் வடிவில் நிறைய கடவுள்களைப் பார்த்தேன் மனம் நிறைந்தது” - திரு.ரமேஷ் [விரிவுரையாளர்]
9. The staff said that he was thinking only physical rest and development is important for young age, but after seeing the system he understood the need for early education.
10. He too said that the system is very surprising when it handles infancy age  - 0 months - 3 years.
11. 7 months infant was attracted to all students.
12. The teacher said that college students can serve the society in future in this early education field.
13. Details about the special child was taken down.
14. Students said that they are stress free in this day.''
Crayons, a pencil set was given as token of love and children accepted them.

 Energy stability is what all forms of Energy (physical, chemical, mathematical, biological and Spiritual) moves towards.


Sourced from the book - Universal Selftual Energy Pattern -2016

Modern science sources:

 What is ATP -    https://www.trueorigin.org/atp.php

Understanding Energy in bonds


concept Map







 Electricity is the Flexible Energy Carrier

Energy conversions - waves

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