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Home schooling is increasing in many places in the world, especially in Indian likes chennai, New Delhi, Calcutta, mumbai, Bangalore etc.There are several reasons for parents to opt for Home schooling. When children are branded with learning challenges, parents  decided to take upon themselves the responsibility of educating their children.

We are guiding  parents and children to overcome this challenges by giving a syallabus which is easy , pattern based, well structured and tested for many years. As a non profit entity we focus on the welfare of children and come up with an unique idea to bring together the parents of home schoolers under one roof. 

Sakthi Uni5 school (Namma veedu - Our house ) since 2007 for the past five years has given a remerkable experience in dealing with children with challenges.

Please contact us for further information.

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1) for homemade montessori activity the best and well organised video-
2)for introducing montessori education
3)for showing the short  result  of all this

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