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Healthy mixtures of a kitchen

Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice.  - Henry Ford

Why to make our own spice mixes?

        Most of the Food companies are interested in improving their business by catering to the taste of the customer and not to their health. Therefore even in spice mixes flavoring agents are added to make the food tasty. Unapproved and dangerous health food additives are added. MSG or mono-sodium glutamate are added to enhance the flavors of food. Apart from the low costs, the home made spice mixes are free from these chemical additives. by making your own mixes you will know what your spice mixes contain.

Flavor Mix 
Mix 10  gm each of Cumin seeds, Mustard seeds, 2 gm of Fenugreek seeds. Use one teaspoon in all the preparations. 

Spice Mix 
10gm ( one table spoon) of Chili powder (vary this amount based on the spice level) 
5gm ( two table spoons) of Coriander seed powder 
2gm one teaspoon) of Turmeric powder 
1 (1/2 teaspoon) gm of Asafoetida

Do not add urid dal, other grams while spicing. This mixed proteins cause severe allergies and inflammation in gut. 

Adding salt:
Adding salt at the end of cooking allows less salt to be absorbed and so uses only less salt.  You can observe this by finding that  the food would be too salty in-spite of using usual quantity, if you add salt after cooking is done. So  adding salt at the end of cooking will decrease the qty of salt without compromising on the taste.  

Nut mix saves time    (But this comes with a price. People can develop allergies if you mix proteins of nuts or seeds. Better to eat them one at a time. Please read our book, allergic foods.  

It is better to eat one nut  or any protein,  one at a time instead of a mix to avoid leaky gut , food allergies, gut microbiota microbiome dysbiosis.

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