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Holistic Cancer Treatment Regimen-11

          Wandering Mind  - Air Therapy


How do cancer cells arise? How can cancer cells  be destroyed?
neald defeating cancer cell 01

Fig. 1...The Normal Oxygenation Process of a Healthy Cell

(Aerobic state)

A normal cell showing healthy Oxygen tension (O2) and respiration across the cell membrane. There is free exchange of nutrient Glucose (G) across the cell membrane. Cell pH is normal in the range of 7.35.


Fig. 2...Forming the Cancer Cell *
(From aerobic to anaerobic state - From respiration to fermentation)

The energized cell membrane resulting, possibly, from prolonged irritation. Creates a condition where Glucose (G) can enter the cell, and Oxygen (O2) cannot.

The cancer cell completely loses pH control.

Glucose undergoes fermentation to Lactic acid (L); cell pH drops to 6.5. Lactic acid attacks the DNA, destroying template action. Messenger RNA is changed and the control mechanism of the cell is destroyed. In the acid medium, enzymes within the cell become toxic, eventually bringing about the death of the cell as well as the host. A tumor, therefore, consists of a layer of living cells with uncontrolled growth surrounding a central mass of dead cells.

*Otto5*Otto Warburg, MD 1925

 The above information is given to highlight the fact that

increased oxygenation in the bodyby conscious breath is important for health.

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