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Holistic Cancer Treatment Regimen-4

         If you want to clean a cloth, just by rinsing in water alone will not help. Because through water only water-soluble toxins will be removed. The fat soluble toxins or greasy toxins can be removed only by soap.

       Our body similarly removes fat soluble toxins through a soap it manufactures called bile. Bile has two functions, one is to emulsify the fats and make it easy for digestion.           

            2.  Fat Soluble Toxins: 

      Next step in the five step healing process is to get rid of the fat soluble toxins from the body.  The liver detoxifies all the toxins that enters into the body. The liver converts chemicals into water soluble chemicals so that kidney can throw out of the body through urine. This is why water therapy is good that it helps the liver and kidney to do their job well.

     But some times the liver may not be able to convert a chemical completely into water soluble form. The liver produces a body soap called bile. The fat soluble toxins easily gets dissolved in the bile and flows through the gall bladder  into the small intestines. In the intestine the bile is re-absorbed, while the toxins get mixed with fiber in the food and get excreted.

     However due to our wrong life style of eating refined foods that are less in fiber, makes the toxins also to be re-absorbed into the body again. Over time the toxins builds up in different parts of the body and damages the genes of the cells and other components of the cells causing various diseases.

     Therefore the next important step is to get rid of the fat soluble  toxins in the body. This is why we recommend to eat more of fiber rich food. The more we eat fiber rich food our system gets cleansed of the toxins.  To get rid of the toxins faster we recommend the patients to do castor oil cleansing or herbal cleansing with a very ancient herb "kadukka", depending upon the condition of the patient.

         If the patient is very weak and has other complications we give this cleansing at a later stage when the patient improves. Till then we do a milder cleansing with food by asking the patient to eat seven different chutneys, each per day.

      Read above the simple chutneys that help to cleanse the liver and make the liver produces its own pharmaceutical chemicals to heal the body.

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