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Holistic Cancer Treatment Regimen-2

Why Five Steps?:

There are three types of toxins that build up in the system that causes cancer.

1. Water soluble Toxins.

2. Fat soluble toxins

     These two act at the body level and the third one at the mind level, which we shall discuss later. These two toxins should be cleansed out of the body on a daily basis like cleaning our house, car or clothes. But due to our ignorant life style, we accumulate these toxins in a part of the body, which finally causes genetic changes in a cell or group of cells leading to abnormal growth or cancer.

      Getting rid of these toxins is the effective way of treating any disease including cancer. Through the integrated and effective approach of Pancha Bhoota healing we help you to get rid of these toxins for not only getting rid of cancer but also for preventing in future.

Read the first step of removing water soluble toxins.

         Dirt in our clothes are clothes or on our external body are partly removed through water and rest by applying soap. We everyday take a shower on  our external body to keep as fresh and clean. Similarly  our internal body has to be showered and cleaned everyday to keep it clean of water soluble toxins.

            1.  Water soluble Toxins: 

        In the ancient ayurvedic texts, water is referred to as nectar (Amrit). Its powerful properties offer effective healing properties by  cleansing and replenishing the body inside and out.  Water soluble toxins are removed on a daily basis by doing every day water therapy with flavors. (See more details in water therapy page)

         Boil 1.5 liters (1.6 quarts) of water in the evening or bed time. Then add one of the flavors (one for each day) and close the lid. Next day morning the water will be at room temperature. Drink this water first thing in the morning to remove all the toxic impurities that the thirty trillion cells of our body throw out into the blood during the night fast.

1. One small piece of Ginger

2. Two to three fennel leaves or seeds

3. Two to three Basil leaves (Tulsi, Tulasi).

4. One Clove

5. One or two Neem leaves  

6. Few cumin seeds

7. Corriander seeds

8. Two pinches licorice powder (Athimadhuram or madhuka).

9. Two pinches of Winter cherry root powder (Withania somnifera - Ashwagandha).

10. One Cardamom seed

For names of the above herbs in other languages click

     Using the above flavoring herbs one a day at a very small dose will help to remove water soluble toxins that accumulate every day in our body.

     Drink water with full awareness that the water will flush the toxins away and make your body healthy. This positive thoughts will definitely make a difference.

Withania somnifera Dunal

 Sanskrit- Ashwagandha, Turangi-gandha; Hindi- Punir, Asgandh; Bengali- Ashvaganda; Marathi-Askandha tilli; Gujarati- Ghodakun, Ghoda, Asoda, Asan; Telugu- Pulivendram, Panneru-gadda, Panneru; Tamil- Amukkura, Amkulang, Amukkuram-kilangu, Amulang-kalung (root), Aswagandhi; Kannada- Viremaddlinagadde, Pannaeru, Aswagandhi, Kiremallinagida; Punjabi- Asgand, Isgand; Rajasthani- Chirpotan

Glycyrrhiza glabra L. (Licorice)

 Sanskrit- Madhuka, Yashti-madhu; Hindi- Mulhatti,  Jethi-madh; Bengali- Jashtimadhu, Jaishbomodhu; Marathi- Jeshta madha; Gujarati- Jethi  madha; Telugu- Yashtimadhukam, Atimadhuramu; Tamil- Atimaduram; Kannada- Yashti madhuka, Atimadhura; Malayalam- Iratimadhuram


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