Vedanta-the Ultimate Knowledge

           As we mentioned earlier "Ignorance" is the cause of all our suffering, which in other words is lack of "Right thinking". Sakthi foundation derives its knowledge of right thinking from Vedanta, the Ancient knowledge of India.  This is not a religion dictated by one person nor a single book of do's and dont's. The attraction of Vedanta lies in sharpening our intellect through vigorous discussions and analysis and the conclusions drawn stands eternal because it holds good for human for all ages. Even in this technological age, this Truth gives unflinching light to guide us in our evolution.

      Vedanta in Sanskrit means the "Ultimate knowledge" which was revealed by Men and Women discussing on solid intellect. This is the perfect science of experimentation, observation and finally drawing inference on the subject.

    We would use this profound knowledge of Vedanta to analyze the source of all physical and mental problems and even go beyond them. Vedanta says that understanding our own physical body and mind with the guidance of our intellect will suffice to know the "Truth", the ultimate Knowledge. According to Vedanta, we are three layered being, covering (not literally) the pure Unconditioned consciousness.


                The Three bodies layers

 How do we know whether we have these three bodies?.        

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