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 Simple ways to do skin brushing 

   Here’s the flow – in the beginning just spend a few minutes. Once you get used to it you will spend about five to ten minutes to be thorough.  

   1)  Feet & Legs

    Do one side first and then the other. Start with the bottoms and tops of your feet, Brush up and down, ending with the upwards stroke on the front, sides and backs of your calves. Around the knees, back of the knees and then the thighs. Do the outer and inner thighs well – if you’re having hip problems, do the hips well. If you’re inguinal lymph (at the front crease, where your leg bends when you lift it), is congested spend a little extra time on the inner thigh and then lower abdomen. Now do the other leg.

    2) Lower abdomen and hips 

   Scrub well all around your hips, lower and upper belly, inguinal area, buttocks and lower back. Remember to do the sides of your belly too. 

   3) Hands, arms, shoulders

    Start on one side and brush your hands and arms. Brush up and down, ending with the stroke that brushes towards your chest. Brush up to the shoulders, and do your shoulders well. Start up around the neck and brush down to the shoulders, back and chest. If you have chronic tension in these areas brush that tension out!

    4) Back and chest

    It’s great if someone can brush your back – it’s much more thorough; but otherwise do the best you can. Reach to get as much of your back as you can. It feels great! Also be sure to brush the under arm area and down the side of the rib cage. The sternum is the bone that runs down the center of your chest and all the ribs are connected to it. Along the sternum and in between the ribs there is a lot of lymph so brush all along here. For women do brush gently around your breasts. Then down from the clavicular (collar bone) area.

    You can either be standing under the shower while you’re doing this or just turn it off for a bit, scrub up and then rinse off really well. While you’ve been scrubbing, you’ve also scrubbed off a lot of old dead skin and have stimulated better circulation to your skin. An additional benefit, is that you have stimulated the meridians with your brushing massage! Do this daily along with a regular exercise program and appropriate dietary recommendations and you will notice a difference within a week or two.

    If this is uncomfortable at first, brush only lightly & for a short period of time. Soon you will  brush using more pressure & will enjoy the process.

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