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Lymphatic circulation-3

What can I do to keep my lymphatic system healthy?

                Since there is no pump for the lymphatic system as the heart is the pump for the blood system, how does the lymph move? Several factors influence lymph movement. The filling of a lymph vessel segment causes it to contract, which pumps the lymph into the next segment. This is known as intrinsic lymphatic pumping. Other factors that influence lymph movement are all related to movement and activity:

    1) contraction of surrounding muscles during activity 

   2) movement of the body 

   3) pressure changes in the thorax during respiration 

   4) compression of tissues by objects of the body 

   5) arterial pulsations

    During periods of rest, lymph is sluggish. During exercise the lymphatic pump becomes very active. Exercise can increase lymph flow ten to thirty fold. Thus, regular exercise is the most important factor in keeping a healthy lymph flow.

Health secret of exercises
Why is exercising healthy? Medical Researchers and Doctors advocate exercise, but many do not understand its real benefit. For example, they know that exercise and estrogen levels in women are related. There is lot of research evidence showing that exercise prevent heart diseases, cancers, diabetes and various other diseases. In short medical research shows that poor exercise is one of the major contributor of many diseases and hence they recommend physical exercise.

      This is also true but there is much more to it. Exercise increases blood flow, which removes all the wastes from that region and supplies nourishment. They increase blood circulation, heat circulation, air circulation and energy circulation. More important is that it facilitates lymphatic circulation. Poor body movements means poor lymphatic circulation and so poor immunity.

      We have already seen that body movements and deep breathing helps in lymphatic circulation. Deep breathing can happen only when you have awareness of yourself. Which means the body , breath and mind are connected. This connection is the Fire therapy.

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