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  Lymphatic Massage-3

 Ayurveda and Massage

              One of the most important treatments in Ayurveda is massage. The medicated oil massage is aimed to bring lymphatic circulation and clear out toxins. Clearing out toxins is the way to rejuvenate the body and improve immunity.

Get Touchy Feely With Plants: Gently Rubbing Them With Your Fingers Can Make Them Less Susceptible to Disease  (Uni5: Then imagine the effects of touch on our own children. This is we emphsize on massage after birth)

Every Day Self Oil Massage

  Every day self oil massage is very good for keeping the lymphatic circulation and good immunity. You can use sesame oil , coconut oil or olive oil to massage your body. Self massage your hands legs and all parts of body. While you do this massage if you focus on your breath and do deep breathing, the better the lymphatic circulation.

Abhanyanga for new born children

    Ayurveda recommends doing massage for new born  babies. Since new born babies have less body movements (always sleeping) this massage helps them to clear toxins out of their body and always gives good immunity.

    Self body Massage has deep health benefits which common public and modern medicine are not aware of and are in the process of learning about it.

Saul Schanberg was awarded golden goose award for his wonderful scientific work on effect of massage on babies.

In 1979, Schanberg and his group were studying an enzyme and a growth hormone that are biomarkers for fetal and newborn development. They had to separate rat babies from their moms and in doing so found that, although the babies were kept fed and warm, they did not thrive and the biomarker levels dropped.

To make a long story short, they noticed that rat moms spend a great deal of time grooming and licking their newborns. Wondering if the tactile attention was important, they started using a small brush to stroke the separated babies. That was the missing link—the enzyme and hormone levels rose and the kids turned out okay.

In the 1980s, neonatal specialists read about Schanberg’s work and started trying it with premature infants, with good effect. Today, massaging premature infants is becoming common practice.

Skin brushing 

   Skin brushing has been found to stimulate circulation to the skin and also to help stimulate lymph flow. Excellent results can be obtained by skin brushing in the shower. Get a good quality natural bristle bath brush at the health food store. Look for one that’s not soft, but where the bristles are stiff. You are going to brush your body toe to chest & head to chest, to help stimulate circulation, movement of lymph and promote healing. You will want to brush probably after you are done soaping up and are clean. You will brush lightly at first, until your skin is used to it, but ideally you will brush until your skin turns pinkish, signifying increased circulatory flow to the area. You will feel great afterwards and soon it will be just like brushing your teeth! 

      In India,  coconut fiber or dried squash fiber or herbal brush called inja are used for skin brushing. Especially kerala women after delivery are given this inja skin brushing to improve the lymphatic circulation.

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