Why does Rituals bring immediate effect to some and not to others?

There are many reasons for this varied experience and one of them is that we need to pay back the debt for renting the current body that is made up of the five Pancha bhootas (elements of nature). We have to pay the tax in the form of good deeds to the society.  Any charitable work involving self-sacrifice is accrued as "SAL Energy". The karma bank is like our material bank and has no difference in its rules and regulations.  

Other beings like microbes, insects, plants, reptiles, birds and animals are exempt because they take minimum resources of the planet and also contribute to the welfare of the system in their life style. However, for human, we have to pay a heavy tax because we use more than what we are supposed to. That is not wrong, but then we have to pay tax not only to the government as land tax, water tax, and energy tax but also to the cosmic government system. 

When we go to a restaurant and eat and find we dont have money, the owner says, then at least wash the dish in our kitchen or cut the vegetables, just enough of the labor time matching the bill amount. This is the analogy for the charity work we do. 

Charity work and donation are not for helping anyone, it is the tax we are paying back for the Cosmic Energy we have used in the five elements levels of Space, Air, Fire, water, and earth. Not paying back is the karmic debt we incur. Nobody can leave the life without paying it back. If one does, then it is hell in the returning life. It is heavenly life on earth if one does payback and is debt free in all five levels. 

 When we are not involved in any kind of community welfare activity (without the expectation of name and fame or hidden agenda) our debt increases due to which our prosperity or SAL Energy is taken as loan.

So we have people who spend this SAL Energy like a credit card (loaned from Karmic Bank) or  first accrue Energy and then spend it as debit card. Hence, all kinds of problems related to Health, wealth, profession, relationship occur only due to the shortage of this Prosperity or SAL Energy.

This is highly noticed in sade sathi or seven and half years of saturn period.  This is because the Karmic account is frozen for 7.5 years and is audited by Saturn, the loan collection officer once in 30 years. The Loan amount is sanctioned by Kuja or Angaraga (mars) while the unpaid loan is collected by Saturn. Current Saturn's post was nominated by Shaastha (Ayyappa) and so doing Ayyappa vratha and going to Sabarimala  will make the Karmic account back into operation. This is why Sabarimala pilgrimage is very important. 

Lakshmi is the bank owner and kubera works as treasurer under her. There is a list of even other officers too in this (source book "Universal Vedic Rituals Pattern").    

To overcome any kind of problem, Energy generating rituals are to be done, because there is no time to do sacrificial acts and then get SAL Energy. The moment energy is generated most of it is taken by the loan officers like Angaraga and Saturn. Hence chanting the sloka of Angarga pleading to give some relief in the loan amount to be paid later, will help to see the results in doing rituals. The word Rina vimochan means relief from debt, the karmic debt.  

Uni5 Method of chanting.

To make Energy generation efficient,  do with all the five aspects of us - including body gestures (simple folded hands), Bhaava- emotional mind, intelligence (understand the meaning) and awareness (the ultimate objective) and its connection to the highest Energy aspect of Consciousness

Shri Angaaraka strotram
Atha Rina agras-tasya

Rina Vimochan-aartham

Angaaraka Stotram

Skanda uvaaca

Rinaagra ista naraa- naam

Tu rina mukti katham bavet

Brahma Uvaacha

Vakshye aham Sarva lokanaam

hita-artham hita-kaamadam

Asya shree angaaraka

mahaa mantrasya

gautama rishihi,anushtup chandaha

angaara-ko devataa

Mama Rina-vimochana-aarthe

angaaraka mantra jape viniyogah


Rakta-maalyaam bara-dhara

Shoola shakti gada-dharaha

Chatur bhuja mesha-gato

Varad-ashcha dhara sutaha      1

Mangalo bhumi putras-cha

Rina-hartaa dhana-pradaha

sthira aasano mahaa-kaayo

sarva-kaama phala pradaha     2

Lohito lohit aakshash-cha

saama-gaanaa kripaa-karaha

dhara atmaja kujo bhaumo

bhoomi-do bhoomi-nandanah          3

Angaarako yamash chaiva

sarva roga apa-haara-kaha

srishtae kartaa cha, hartaa Cha

sarva-dheysais-cha poojitaha  4

Eitaani kuja naamaani

nityam ya praya ta pateth

Rinam na jaayate tasya

shreeyam praapnotya sanshayaha    5

Angaaraka mahee putra

bhagavan bhakta vatsala

namo-astu te mama  ashesham

Rinam-aashu vinaashaya        6

Rakta gandhaishcha push-paicha

dhoopa deepair gudo-daanaihi

mangalam pooja-yitvaa tu

mangalaa hani-sarvadaa     7

Eka-vimshatee naamaani

pati tvaa tu tadantike

Rina-rekha prakrata avyaa

angaarena tada-aagra-taha     8

Taashcha pramaar jayen nityam

vaama-apaadena sansmaran

evam krute na sandeha

Rinaan mukta sukhee-bhavet     9

Mahatim shreeyam-aap-noti

dhana-dena samo bhavet

bhoomim cha labhate vidvaan

putraan aayushcha vindati     10

Moola Mantra
Angaaraka mahee putra
bhagavan bhakta vatsala
Namaste astu mahaa bhaaga
Rinam aashu vinaashaya       11

Now take  few drops of water in your palm and offer it to the feet of the lamp chanting the below mantra


Bhoomi-putra mahaa teja

sveta udbhava pinaa kinaha

Rina arthastvam prapanno-asmi

grahan aarghyam namostute     12

Iti Rinamochan angaaraka stotram sam-poornam

click for pdf here

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