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Uni5 Statistics-

Explain P value with words 1. Randomness 2. Repeating times  3. Mean 4. Variations 5. values.


Intro to statistics-

Best Diversity analysis video

simple distribution

logs well explained

very simple explantion on statistical model

p value

Excellent student t test-equal and unequal variance

good overview of which to apply 

simple excel calculation t test

Good on confidence interval and population mean

Good on Anova

what statisitics should we use

good for science fair projects

Hypothesis testing

Good- Hypoethesis testing.

what is P value? (goood animation)

Comprehensive statistics

probability - good one

How to choose the right statistical test?

choosing right test


simple on p value- null hypothesis


Many Good Tools for analysis

Good for student t test-maunal and if statement


Chi square test in excel

Summary: 1.The t-test is used when determining if two averages or means are the same or different. The ANOVA is preferred if comparing three or more averages or means. 2.A t-test has more odds of committing an error the more means are used which is why ANOVA is used when comparing two or more means. Read more: Difference Between T-TEST and ANOVA | Difference Between | T-TEST vs ANOVA

ANOVA is based on a comparison of two different sources of variation: ANOVA is the ANOVA F-test-Fisher The average variation of observations within each group around the group mean – The average variation of the group means around the grand mean • The grand mean is the mean of all observations

The advantage of using ANOVA over multiple t-tests is that the ANOVA F-test will identify if any of the group means are significantly different from at least one of the other group means with a single test.

–F = average variability among groups average variability within groups


Post Hoc analysis

which post hoc to use?  and another discussion.

good example with coco cola


Data Analaysis