Why is Matrix a great success?          

           All of us are aware of the fact that the Matrix movies are a great success. Success not only based on the box office level but also at the level of our "head-box-office".   The tremendous thinking it has stirred is evident from the discussion forums. Even after  six years of its first release why do we still discuss the Matrix?.  Do we derive any happiness?.  Let us analyze what type of happiness did the Matrix movie offer us.

           If Matrix movie just gave only a physical treat to the eyes, then that happiness would have last not more than the show time.  Look at any type of happiness we get at the physical level, like eating an ice cream or chocolate, it last only as long it touches the tongue.

           If matrix offered emotional happiness it would be in our mind for few days like we get emotional happiness in our lives. When we eat a chocolate the physical happiness last only few minutes, but if we gave that chocolate to our friend or a kid, our emotional happiness would last for a few days.

         Since Matrix has given us intellectual happiness, the happiness last for a long time. Any intellectual happiness  last more than the physical and emotional happiness. We analyze and interpret the meanings and symbolism of the matrix movies and derive great happiness in decoding the Matrix. This is key success of  matrix movies in giving the movie goers, the long lasting intellectual happiness.

       But there is a happiness which offers longer than the intellectual happiness. That is spiritual happiness. Spiritual does not mean about God but about our own Self, enquiring about the Reality of the world, am I slave, do we have free will etc. The directors wanted to give this spiritual happiness to the fans and that is the real success of the Matrix.

         If we think and discuss matrix as a computer fiction then it offers intellectual happiness only and last till we get some interpretation.  But thinking beyond that like the enquiry of NEO would offer happiness that would change our life.  The enquiry about our world would give happiness that is for life long. Through matrix you would start to think whether this world is real?   Are you controlled by some power?.  why is there evil in this world?  Is your suffering just a mental projection of your digital Self?. These questions and enquiry would help you to go beyond the the common thought of life merely as a process of merely birth, growth, ageing and death.

Like NEO you have a choice,  do you want Blue pill - intellectual happiness (Illusion) or the happiness in knowing the reality (Red pill). Choice is yours.


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