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   Space Concept

        Through basic space therapy methods we have understood about relaxation and meditation. We ended up the meditation by identifying us with Consciousness. In the beginning of this section, we said we will explain about Awareness and consciousness. In the next pages we will explain these two terms which are the ultimate mystery of mankind. Since most of us who are reading this are interested in healing diseases, we will still discuss about healing.

     As we discussed in this section that we have to understand more clearly about why we do all the methods. In the beginning, we said that the five steps or Pancha Bhoota therapy help to heal diseases. We saw in every step that through various methods we were actually becoming more and more aware of what we think and what we do. 

       Most of you would have experienced lot of benefits either doing one or more of these steps. We explained how diseases are caused and how the healing force operate. Now let us understand where is the source of this healing force. This is the objective of  this section. Understanding this space concept helps tremendously in one's life. Not only to heal diseases, but also the whole mystery of life will be clear to us.

        We will also discuss some advanced methods to understand and experience "Awareness" more clearly. This does not mean all this time you did not experience Awareness.  Without awareness, there is no life. But most of the time we are not aware of the "Awareness". This leads to problems in life. Problems are but blessings in disguise because the problems then drive us to this state of Awareness. Do not worry,  reading further this concept will be clear to you.

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