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Our Five Factors

Various factors are responsible for health espeically, when trying to treat a disease. We are summarizing some of the major ingredients of the five elements therapy of Uni5 Sakthi Clinic.


Water as Therapy

Water can be used in Therapy. Doing this one step process is the first and basic step in the five step healing or Pancha Bhoota healing. Water detoxifies the body and mind in an amazingly simple way.


General Health

Awareness of health means to overcome the boundaries of individual beliefs and self-connect to the common Truth.  Every individual will have their own beliefs about their food habits and life style. Here we tell about the Unviersal Truth.


Earth as Therapy

The next abundant and basic element of our body is Food.  The life style of eating foods determine the fate of our body and mind..


Why 5 Steps

How to integrate all the five steps  in every day life basis? We will learn how to use these five steps in daily life and also for healing diseases.


Fire as Therapy

Heat or fire helps the unavoidable element in the body. Its helps in circulation or movement of nutrients and toxins in the body. The exercises that produce heat, connects the body and mind.


Ancient Knowledge

"Pancha" in Sanskrit means five and "Bhoota" means elements or causal factors. Our human body is also made of these five causal factors.  Imbalance of these five elements results in improper functioning of the body. Restoring these five elements in proper balance restores health..


Air as Therapy

The most critical element for the survival of the body is this air element. The mind is so connected with the breath and so coordinates the body and the mind..


Five steps to health

Early morning walk as the most suitable exercise for the body (Fire element).  Walking in the morning is energetic and helps one to breathe good fresh air (Air element). Walking in the morning is very relaxing (Space element) to the mind..


Space as Therapy

Awareness is life and that is the fundamental of existence. This awareness aspect is the Space element.  Getting connected to our own being, at the subtlest level, nourishes and cleanses our mind and the body.


Advanced Space Therapy

Advanced Space therapy helps both mind and body to achieve the state of awareness to overcome suffering in life.


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