Exposing Children to Culture in Early Days

My early days and Navarathry...
When I was at the age of 2.5 I can see row of dolls being celebrities at the time of Navarathry in my Virudhunagar home.[1974]
I saw ladies, small girls coming daily to home and taking some thing from my mother and grandmother.
I used to sit very near to the lower step in Golu. I love dolls.
My father used to get dolls where ever he went.
My mother made her family to celebrate Golu at her 3 years it seems.[Now she is 73]
She says that she had wonderful dolls bought by her maternal uncles.
She says that she was inspired by many temple Navarathry festivals as she got opportunity to see them along with her uncle who was a temple executive.
After Golu [arrangement of dolls] I never allow my parents to dismantle the golu.
My grandmother understood my attachment to dolls and left for some days.
But I can see within a week slowly dolls will say bye and get into their cartons.
Wooden temple chariot from Madurai
Clay Skandha from local market
Shiva lingam with Nandhi from Thirunelveli
Wooden long bus from Kanyakumari
Wooden horse from grand father
Big baby doll from Madras
This was the earliest history about places through dolls I got from my parents.
Once when I went to Palladam [near Thirupur] my mother found her most favorite Buddha from a box in her mother’s home and I brought it to Virudhunagar.
During Navarathry days my mother also takes me to the local Mari amman temple and Veil ukandha amman temple where decorations inspired me. I can remember how the prakaram canal around the sanctums being filled with water and floated with lilies and lotuses. My mother used to do the same with a big plate. I used to put y BINAKA PASTE ANIMAL turtle and fishes inside that. My early science got initiated through Golu.
I can remember during Navarathry days there will be many celebrations lie fancy dress etc. Schools will give leave. Today most of the schools does not give leave.
My mother used to place her craft items, needle work and now she lost all these skills because of  TV.
My father used to place few of his portraits near the golu.
Pink color sponge rose garland adorns the steps.
Evening we invite all neighbors and I admire the very huge paper Mache dolls in opposite Chidhambaram chittiyar thaatha [We call him like that] house. My dreams have those huge dolls daily. I can still remember the 5 feet bluish Krishna with a big cow.
When we left Virudhunagar thaatha presented a same Krishna in small size.
Today at the age of 44 I am still inspired with Navarathry, Golu, UNI5 center - village golu setting, purchase in various places in Madras, writing articles, talks etc
When I did my post-graduation in Madurai I kept Golu in our room in Madurai Kamarajar University with Dr.Pradheep’s big stout biochemistry books. Group of our friends do poojas, discourses daily. Pradheep makes sundal and payasam.
All these are just because of my parents, grandparents’ attitude towards accepting and promoting the culture and tradition of the nation. My parents have never forced me to do it. But they never said ''NO'' for my cultural activities. From birth till 3.5 years I was aware with absorbent mind and imbibed all these. As my mother continued this tradition since her early child hood days today many of our friends, families are taking up this culture.
Today I do not have any old doll but our house dolls are in others Golu.
This article will support the nature of early absorbent mind's nature which imbibes and constructs the units of knowledge and personality through strong tradition and culture of the place where a child lives.
With regards.,
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