In the previous page,  we discussed that the whole Universe is only a manifestation of Pure Consciousness. This pure Consciousness manifest as the Universe with five basic principles called the Pancha Bhootas. These  five principles has nine aspects of expression in this Universe,  the Navagrahas. 


This five principles (Pancha Bhootas) behind the manifestation of this universe has nine aspects of expression. This nine aspects of expression of the five Pancha Bhootas  are the Navagrahas. Navagrahas like the Pancha Bhootas are literally taken only as the outward gross planets of the Solar System. The subtle Truth of the Navagrahas is that , it is the nine-expression modes of the five principles causing the Manifestation of the Universe. This applies to all human actions too. Like the Cosmic actions, our human actions also can be classified as nine. 


Everything is the expression of one single Energy. The timely, cyclical, rhythmic expression of Energy are the 9 planets or Grahas.

During its cyclical expression (360 degrees in a circle), the various modes of expression of Energy are divided as Bhaavas (Expression) or houses (30 degrees). Each house has its own characteristic nature.

To understand this let us connect to the Energy of our life. Our life energy is expressed in different aspects of beauty, royalty, strength, security, prosperity, longevity etc. We have classified that into 12 and connected to like financial expense sheet, because expression in any form of life involve expense of Energy. So finally we need to account the Energy and create a income-expense sheet so that we can budget for the next cycle of expression (next page has details of this reality).


Another view at Navagrahas.

Since action is the core of life, let us take the nine-modes of expression in action. 

1. The "Awareness" (and also Leadership)  in doing an action-  is represented by Surya (Sun). 

2. Instinct or the "lead' (emotional liking factor) to do an action  - Chandra (Moon) 

3. The intensity / Power (Energy) in action - Kuja (Mars). 

4. The pattern / focus / attention (Intelligence) in doing action - Budh (Mercury) 

5. The purpose or "objective or philosophy" (Goal) in doing an action - Guru (Jupiter) 

6. The aesthetic beauty (artistic way of doing) in the performance of action - Shukra - Venus. 

7. Initial inertia (slowness) to Self Judge the task to attain completeness (Judgemental) in action - Saturn Shani. 

8. The distortion factor that deviates the result of an action - Rahu. 

9. The factor that that pulls to the culmination (Spiritual) of the result -  Ketu. navagrahas

These nine factors are seen in each and every action of this universe, whether it could be the rotation action of the celestial bodies  or the action at atomic level or the  action of the human beings. 

Let us take an example of a football player hitting the ball to obtain the goal. The awareness in the play and the final outcome of the game is the "Sun" aspect. Infact the whole football game is based on that fact. It is the center point of the game. The instinct and the lead in doing the action is the Moon. The aspect of drawing full power to hit the ball is the Mars aspect. When the ball is with a player and the focusing aspect to hit the ball is the Budh aspect because that is where he uses his intellect. The aesthetic beauty in hitting the ball is the Venus aspect. The initial slow action which leads to the completion of the act is the Saturn aspect. Once he hits the ball, whether it will lead to the goal or not depends on the the distortion factor Rahu or the binding factor Ketu. 

So if we analyze each and every action we will see that these nine-modes of expression is manifested in every action of this universe. It should be clearly understood that these nine aspects may not expression equally. The varying proportions of each aspect of the Navagrahas leads to the diversity in this creation.

Like the seven colors, where all of the basically emerge from white color, but different variations in colors leads to different shades of colors. Similarly different ranges of expression (Navagrahas) leads to the diverse activities in this Universe.

There is one more aspect to the expression mode of the Navagrahas, the twelve fields  of expression, which are known as the twelve houses. Various degrees of the expression of these nine expression attributes (Navagrahas) can be mathematically calculation which is called as the Jyothism or Vedic Astrology.


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