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Gall-Nut & Cleansing

Gall-nut - Haritaki or Terminalia chebula - the great herbal base and additive with mild Colonic cleanse properties. It is a good herbal detox that can be used daily without any ill effects and with great side benefits. In Ayurveda, its potential is fully explored and used holistically.                

  Gallnut is used for Cleansing liver to detoxify the body. 

Sanskrit Name:

Haritaki, Abhaya (banishing the fear of diseases), Pathya (The good even as dietary aid),  Sudha (for purification or as good as nectar), Bhisakpriya (lovely to Ayurveda Doctors), Vayastha (stabilizing youthfulness).

Botanical Name:- Terminalia chebula;

BENGALI :  Haritaki.
CHINESE :  诃子  He zi ,  訶梨勒   He li le  (Taiwan).
 ENGLISH :   Black myrobalan, Chebulic myrobalan, Ink nut,  Indian gall-nut, Gallnut.
FRENCH :  Badamier chebule, Myrobalan chébule.
GERMAN-Rispiger, Myrobalanenbaum. Chebulische
GUJARATI : Harade,  
HINDI :  Harad, Haritali, Haritaki, Harra.
JAPANESE :  ミロバランノキ  Mirobaran no ki.
MALAY : Manja lawai (Indonesia).
MARATHI : Harade.
NEPALESE : Harro,Jangalii harro, Thuulo harro.
RUSSIAN : Харитаки.
SANSKRIT : Abhaya, Haritaki, Pathya.
SPANISH : Mirobalanos índicos.
TAMIL : Kadukkai, Kadukkaya.
TELUGU : Karkchettu.
THAI :  สมอไทย   Samo thai,   โกฐพุงปลา  ?


Terminalia Chebula is called the "king of medicines" and is always listed first in the Ayurvedic meteria medica because of its extraordinary powers of healing. In Ayurveda it is considered to destroy all diseases and eliminate all waste from the body. At the same time, it is known to promote tissue growth and health.

Uses of Haritaki :
  • Terminalia Chebula is used in India to treat many diseases such as digestive diseases, urinary diseases, diabetes, skin diseases, parasitic infections, heart diseases, irregular fevers, flatulence, constipation, ulcers, vomiting, colic pain and hemorrhoids. If taken after meals it prevents imbalance of any of the humors due to bad food or drink. It promotes wisdom, intellect and eyesight.
  • Terminalia Chebula has a strong effect against the herpes simplex virus HSV, has antibacterial activity and exhibits strong cardio tonic properties. Terminalia Chebula also has antioxidant components which indicates it can increase the life of tissues.
  • Yet another study shows the anti-tumor activity of Terminalia Chebula and another study shows that it has considerable effect in inhibiting the HIV virus which ultimately results in AIDS
  • Terminalia Chebula can be seen to be a valuable addition to anyone's herbal collection. With its rejuvenating and cleansing properties, Terminalia Chebula is excellent for the digestive system. As a preventative supplement it has great anti viral attributes, as shown by its antitumor and HIV action. It is also effective for alleviating constipation in general, and is helpful for vata persons because it works in the triphala formula, which is a well-balanced digestive and rejuvenating aid.

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