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Organic Food

Why is it important to eat organic food?
  Organic foods are grown using natural  means of farming without use of  chemical pesticides and  chemical fertilizers. Chemicals sprayed on fruits, vegetables and grains  cannot be removed by washing because they enter into the fruit or vegetable even if they have thick skin.

        More over the nutrient content are lower than the food grown through natural means. In 2005 a research study found the cancer preventing lycopene content was found in higher amounts in the tomatoes grown organically compared with those not. Objective of eating food is to get nutrients needed for the body. So eat organically grown foods for your own health.

Toxic Toxic Toxic

      Organic farming does not pollute the environment as the modern farming. So to keep our water, soil, air clean we should eat organically grown food. DDT which was discovered in early 1950's was considered a great agricultural revolution, but today we are unable to get the DDT out of our environment. DDT has increased cancer incidence not only in that generation but also future generation.

       Latest epigenetic studies show that if a pregnant woman is exposed to a pesticide at the wrong time, the study suggests, her children, grandchildren and the rest of her descendants could inherit the damage and diseases caused by the toxin -- even if it doesn't involve a genetic mutation (Science, June 2005, "Epigenetic Transgenerational Actions of Endocrine Disruptors and Male Fertility,").

       So eating food grown with pesticides and chemical fertilizers can damage your own body and your future generations.

A Systematic Review of Organic Versus Conventional Food Consumption: Is There a Measurable Benefit on Human Health? 

Significant positive outcomes were seen in longitudinal studies where increased organic intake was associated with reduced incidence of infertility, birth defects, allergic sensitisation, otitis media, pre-eclampsia, metabolic syndrome, high BMI, and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. 

See this video on danger of pesticides in food from Indiers. Click here  to read .

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Good information on Organic Agriculture.

Dr.Thimmiah Climate Smart Agriculture.

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