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Hormones in Milk

       Hormones are injected to cows to boost milk production. We should not forget that these hormones get into our body too through the cow's milk.  There are lot of research showing alarming rates of pesticide residues even in mother's milk.  Imagine then the chemicals in cow's milk that are fed with GMO crops and feed grown using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals naturally are concentrated in the cow's milk and enter into our body. (GMO foods causes cancer).

       Milk is the essence of mother's body. Nature has planned in such a way to concentrate all nutrients in milk to give nourishment to the baby. If the mother cow or human mother eats all these toxic foods, naturally the toxins would go to the baby's body in a concentrated form. The chemistry of the body is that fat soluble compounds get dissolved into the fat of the milk. Unfortunately most of the chemical toxins are fat soluble and so are rich in fat. Naturally, toxic levels of these pesticides are high in butter and cheese. Remember to buy only organic and organic cheese to avoid toxic chemicals getting into your body.

Should we boil milk or not?

     According to Ayurveda, milk should be boiled and used. Pasteurization is only heating to 58 to 60 degrees and not boiling and so only partially kills the microbes. It is also unhealthy to use stored half warmed milk. The best is to use un-pasteurized milk, but boil it and then use it.  Boiling not only kills microbes but also inactivates hormones and also alters the structure of milk ingredients and might be not unhealthy to the body. Milk should be boiled and used especially children. Boiling milk de-activates many hormones of the cow’s milk which is meant only for the calf’s body and not human body. We use diary for its protein and fat and not for the animal hormones. 


Boiling may be better from the point of view of protein denaturation, which will not happen with raw milk or pastuerized milk.

Proteins (also other macro-molecules) occur in a folded nature called native form (raw) and when heated (cooked) expose out the folded regions.

Some enzymes can digest the folded forms and others cannot. This is why human enzymes digest cooked food better than uncooked food. Our enzymes digest protein with a particular protein molecular configuration (shape)...which might be more efficient in denatured form boiled) rather than native form (raw).
Calf enzymes will digest raw milk proteins (native form) rather than denatured form (boiled).

This is from an enzyme-biochemistry aspect.

Parents who do not know science in a holistic manner give children cow's pastuerized milk directly from fridge without boiling. Read this link to know that this damages health a lot. without boiling.

A write up on A1/A2 and devil in milk you tube. Indian cow milk is better for health because of A2 protein.

 We see many Indian families who gave given up the traditional Indian practice of boiling milk out of ignorance and laziness. We have progressed in a such a way of losing holistic view.

Boiling milk and also fermented with Indian yogurt makes cows milk safe and medicine for human health. This study shows the insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is destroyed in milk fermentation. Studies have shown that decreased levels of IGF lead to decreased growth of existing cancer cells and decreased aging etc and so yogurt is better than milk.

Raw milk or pastuerized milk is digested differently by our gut microbes. Even modern scientists are not aware of this. Ayurveda is very clear about this. Hope somebody will do research on this now for modern educated people (20th Jan 2015).


  Several studies now show that Conjugated Linolenic acids (CLA)   (click- I accept to the link in the end of the page) to read  Linolenic acids (CLA)  has many health benefits, most important being an anti-cancer agent. CLA is content increases by heating milk rather decreases, which  supports the traditional Indian way of boiling milk and using. This research publication shows that boiling milk by   microwave significantly  (click download when you click) reduces CLA content and also the milk powder reconstitution also reduces CLA content. 

We suffer from diseases more by ignoring traditional holistic view and adopting  modern fragmented knowledge .

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