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Non-GMO foods

Most of the farmers want profit in agriculture. Pests damaging the crops cause serious loss to farmers. Therefore pesticides are sprayed on the leaves, vegetables or on grains food crops so that bugs eat toxic chemicals along with the plant parts and die out of poisoning. But the farmers have to spend time and money to spray the pesticides and herbicides (to keep away weeds or unwanted herbs in the field).

Genetic Enegineering scientists found a cool way of expressing toxic chemicals in each and every part of the plant so that any part a bug eat will die of chemical poisoning. Similarly undesirable weeds also can be kept away by growing GMO crops that will grow in presence of toxic chemicals.

Debate on Safety: There is a lot of debate about the safety of GMO foods. Some group of scientists think Genetically Modified Food technology is great. While others argue that it disturbs the ecosystem because the toxic chemical is present in each and every cell of the plant in contrast to pesticide spraying.

Who is correct?: Our understanding through Uni5 wholistic awareness is that every action has always a gain and a loss. Everybody is correct from their point of view, but Truth or reality is different.

DDT Pesticide Exposure Linked to Alzheimer's Disease, Study Shows

Jan. 27, 2014 — Scientists have known for more than 40 years that the synthetic pesticide DDT is harmful to bird habitats and a threat to the environment. Now researchers say exposure to DDT -- banned in the United


Gains: This technology has gain of time for farmers because they dont need to spray toxic chemicals to keep the bugs away because the GMO crop's every cell is toxic. Of course main gain is for multi national companies that market this technology.

Loss: Several honey bees and insects that ingest any part of the GMO crop will die of chemical poisoning. No deep thinking is needed to understand that naturally our human cells also will be affected by these chemicals.

 There had been no study untill recently showing that the  GMO foods causes several health problems including cancer.

Please make a choice whether the food you eat is a loss for your health and also for the environment you live in.  You may lose some of your savings by buying GMO free organic foods, but you gain good health and also healthy environment. You are choosing your own fate!

When DDT like pesticides were introduced scientists argued that it is tested for safety. Now it is proven that it is associated with diseases. Similarly with GMO, now they show that it is safe, but over years it will be proven that it is unsafe.

Why GMO not good?

1. Instead of spraying pesticides on the plants, genes that produce toxic proteins are introduced into the genetic system at the seed stage. Therefore every cell of the plant will harbor toxic protein. This way we will be eating highly toxic proteins (chemicals) by eating GMO food. These toxic proteins will cause dmage to all the cells of the body.

2. Though not yet proven, surely GMO will be causing microbiome changes in Human gut that will lead to many diseases.

3. These toxic proteins will be causing several inflammation reaction in our body that will cause oxidative damage leading to ageing related disases like cancer, heart disease, infertility etc.

4. Genetic modification and over expression of any proteins , even may be normal, will cause imbalance in the plant and the food system and that imbalance will affect human health.

5. It is only for commericial exploitation that scientists and research studies promote that GMO's are safe. It can be logically understood that our human bosy will be jeaoparidized by chemical foods that the body has not encountered in evolution.

6. Genetic modifications do occur in nature, but the system makes it in an intelligent way to cope up with that change. Here the GMO plants have no choice , but are forced to takeup the change, which will result in many of its nutritional values that we do not know now. Like the vitamins were considered only needed and not fiber or other  phytochemicals  as nutirtional, until recently. Similarly, we have no way to know what all nutritional loses we encounter with GMO until we suffer from it. 

How much GMO in USA? In USA 95% of the soy and corn that are grown are Genetically Modified. And 90% of the processed foods from baby food to chocolate, candies and drinks have corn and soy additives in them. So realize how much GMO toxicity is entering into your body every day. 

Please discuss here about your questions on GMO or Genetically Modified food in this forum.


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