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Organic Milk

      Like organically grown foods, equally it is important to use organic milk from cows that are grown on organic foods and not injected with hormones and antibiotics. Cows are fed now with animal feed which most of the time are made from the carcass ( the leftover of cow's unused organs in slaughter house). The organs of cow ranging from intestines to blood, brain etc are dried and powdered and mixed with corn or soy and formulated as animal feed. See approved such things to be added in cattle feed. See this link.

      This animal feed is doubted to be the cause of mad cows disease, because cow's brain is dried and added to the cow's feed. So do not use non-organic milk which is produced in this unhealthy and pitiable manner. It is a pity that we force a vegetarian animal to ingest it's own body flesh. It is as good as given dried human body flesh to mothers to boost their milk production to feed their babies. What an obnoxious practice of milk production and how we thoughtless we are following this way of life style.

Milk from tortured cows

       Instead of allowing animals to freely graze their movements are restricted  in big diary industry are reared in crowded conditions. Since cows are in close contact and are not freely roaming, to prevent infections these  cows receive high amounts of anti-biotics. These antibiotics easily find way into our body though cow's milk. This is most unhygienic way of milk production.

      Torturing of animals in diary industry is common. When the cow is delivering, the  calf is pulled using nylon ropes so that the cow does not get a chance to lick and fondle the new born calf. The reason is that the cow psychologically depends on the calf for producing milk. So the cows are manipulated to secrete milk without any emotions.

Restaurant waste in Animal feed. The most shocking aspect is the use of restaurant waste , especially the charred debri in oil frying. This is not wasted instead used as Animal feed. This toxic chemicals comes to our body when we drink milk of these cows.  Darling International Inc., the largest in the United States, converts to  restaurant waste oil  to animal feed, or any of a range of other products, from soap to shampoo to dynamite.

Millions of chicken, turkey, cows, pigs are butchered every day. In USA alone, more than 15,000 TONS of the feather , bones, blood, head, brain, intestines are not wasted. They are all grounded to powder and used as animal feed. This means the cattle, pigs, chicken , Fish and turkey all eat each others meat. Humans finally end eating them or use the diary products of Cattle.

So think twice about buying non-organic cow's milk.   Not all organic milk is good. Check and find whether they are grass fed and never animal-feed fed.  Call up the companies and insist they should be certified. Only when consumers demand we can make our food supply quality one.

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