Vinodha [17 years old] - photo prohibited, not permitted.
She is fatherless. She is the only daughter of a poor mother [going for daily wages] from Poraiyar slum in Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu. She is a mentally challenged student. Her IQ level is 3 years back wards. She studied in Poraiyar R.B primary school. After 12 years she was not sent to other school because of insecurity. She likes to be in the same environment with her primary level teachers. The school has also accepted her and allowed her to come to school.
When we started our Uni5 Montesorri Sakthi Foundation Children project, she observed the various activities of our Montessori environment within the school and got attracted to them. She slowly picked up few Montessori tools and started working with them. She also loves younger children and started presenting the tools to them. She observes younger children working and also care them.
Today Vinodha knows how to handle Montessori tools and work with children. She is also safe in the school. Sakthi foundation has started paying her with Rs.500 as fixed deposit in post office. We are very happy that Dr.Montessori's educational system has provided a good and safe place with meaningful life to Vinodha..We have made her to understand that she will an assistant in this Montessori environment.
We welcome people with compassion and appreciation of her work to support her financially for her future by helping us pay more than Rs 500 a month ($ 8). 

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