Porayar Thillaiaadi Valliammai  Infancy Uni5 Environment 

Porayar is a samil village in Tamil nadu, South India. A School started in the name of a great freedom Fighter Ms. Thillaiaadi Valliammai in 1950 by  Mr. Muthuraman and Mr.Venkatesh family.

porayar-school     We have implemented Uni5 Educational System (UES)  method in Thiallayadi Valliammai School as early Childhood program in Porayar Village near Nagapattinam district, Tamail Nadu, India.

 We have three mixed age groups of human developmental phases, which are the groups from 1 to 3 years, 4 to 6 years and 7 to 12 years. Children within these age groups are in a single classroom. We consider this one of the many unique aspects of the Sakthi School where we have found that older children became an inspiration for the younger children in learning.

2014 infantThe older ones learn by explaining to the younger ones. They also learn to be responsible and protective of their younger ones. The large mixed age group helps in the strengthening of self respect, confidence, inner order, self learning, grasping concepts, holistic knowledge in all disciplines and social value skills.




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This Uni5 School system has helped parents to be aware of their child’s growth and development or their inner-change. The educational techniques direct the child’s energy in more constructive work. The love and caring environment gives no stress to the child to learn from the concrete level to abstraction. The Uni5 educational system becomes unique in integrating the knowledge gained in school to their own Self, the society, and the Universe.

Uni5 education embraces all levels of our reality, that is our body, mind and intelligence with the society and universe to create an individual who is responsible to the own Self and society. Such an individual who discovers inner happiness can give happiness to others. Self-integrity summarizes this concept. Self-integrity is a quality, which refers to an individual’s Self connection to everything and holds everyone together. This is the deeper meaning of Dharma “that which supports and holds together”. Adhering to Dharma allows an individual to fulfill the goal of his life and a society to evolve.

Read report on Porayar Primary School below

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