Acceptance - an Introductory Exercise

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The purpose of this mental exerciseWe might often wonder why most of us are not successful in expressing our talents.  As Mata Amritanada Mayi Devi, said "The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but dying without realizing our talents is the tragedy of life".

What prevents us from realizing our talents?. Why is that we do not achieve what we desire?. Why I am not happy like others?. These are the questions that many of us ask ourselves. We often justify that others or situations in life are the cause for our failures and unhappiness. Here is one simple but most powerful exercise that alone will help you  not only success but also  happiness and content in life. This exercise might sound contradictory and seems difficult to practice that you have done like learning swimming or driving a car. But the more you practice, the better you feel and offers endless opportunity  to realize our potential. 

This magical exercise is Acceptance. Acceptance is about letting go of unrealistic expectations, large and small.  It’s about coming to terms with reality no matter how unfair or unpleasant it may be.  Acceptance is what we do when we acknowledge that no matter how hard we try, we can’t control everything, people or situations in life.

However acceptance does not means accepting failure and to give up trying or a do not care attitude. Here we are doing this mental exercise  to free our mind from stress of brooding over a fact or event that is unpleasant for us.

How can acceptance be practiced?

We react internally and externally to an unpleasant  situation or to an unacceptable person's behavior. There are two means of reacting to such situations. One is emotionally and the other way is with intelligence. Emotions work on the basis of one fact, our likes and our dislikes.

When we says some one is "Emotional" it means he is reacting based on his or her likes and dislikes. Emotions are not wrong. Emotions are needed to express the degree of our feelings. We express through our emotions only the degree of our pain and based on that A doctor decides the dosage of the pain medication.  So there is nothing wrong expressing emotions. What is hurting is the strong likes and dislikes we express which may not be in reality correct.

Intelligence is the fact giver or the reality projector. Intelligence throws light on the true nature of things. The true nature of things whether likeable or dislikable for us is the fact or reality of it.  Understanding the "Reality" of a person or the nature of the situation is Intelligence. 

Expressing our emotions to the reality of the facts is the correct approach  as taught by Krishna to Arjuna in Gita. When Arjuna hesitated to fight the war based on his likes and dislikes, Krishna taught him to react to the situation based on Intelligence. This is the essence of Gita.

There is nothing wrong in expressing our emotions, but you as the subject should express it with understanding of the true nature of the  object. This will leave the subject less agitated through the process of reaction and also after the reaction process.

If we react with emotion based on our strong like and dislikes, we waste time and energy brooding and complaining over it and inturn causing stress to ourselves.

Process: Acceptance means instead of reacting emotionally (that it displeases us) react with intelligence. That is first accept the reality of the fact is that  the event is happening in front of me or to me or against me. It is not agreeable to me or unpleasant to me. Instead of reacting out my un-acceptance (dislike), I think what is the best to do to handle the current condition and also think the ways to avoid that in future. Most importantly how can I transform myself to think more intelligently. This Self-Transforming attitude strengths not only Intelligence but also Awareness.

Acceptance does not mean that you accept the situation or the person's bad behavior is correct. Acceptance is for your mind only to accept the reality of the event and the person. Changing the event and person is only secondary possibility of the future. The person may change or may not. The situation may change or may not,. Both are not in your control.  You understand the Truth that at  present moment change can happen only to you.  This is acceptance. This relieves your mind from the Person's  behavior and also the unpleasant  nature of the situation.

Examples - 1If you are in a traffic jam, accept the situation instead of boiling yourself with the thought why this is happening. We cannot do anything about it. IAccept the  reality that you cant do anything about it.  Instead of disliking the event, think what is the best to overcome the consequence of being late by traffic jam and also how to prevent getting into this situations in future.

Example-2 - : If a person behaves in a rude manner, accept the person as he or she is. Accept the truth that you are facing the reality of the person whether you like it or not. Understand that you cannot change the person just by showing your disliking, but see how you can change yourself to avoid unpleasant reactions in your mind. Most importantly  analyze what makes the person to behave in that manner. You "be" the person and understand  how you will react  to such a situation. What is not acceptable to you naturally will be not acceptable to the other person.

     This understanding of another person as oneself is Compassion.    By this approach you bring slow transformation in the other person also. But change should begin from you and cannot expect the change from the other person. Without your inner transformation you cannot expect a change in another person. This non-acceptance is the reason for fight and war.  With this acceptance and inner transformation make the the other person also understand how his or her behavior is inappropriate. This will take time. 

Do not judge that the other person will not change. Give chances for the other person to change. This creates the quality of patience in you. Reflect upon yourself how much time you take to change an inappropriate behavior in yourself. Show that same compassion to others. This will blossom into unconditional Love.

Why do not we think or use our intelligence?. Because we rarely accept the reality of the person or situation. We only agitate our mind constantly thinking that this should not have happened or the person should not have behaved in such a way. This constant thinking of our dis-pleasure is the key point to be avoided. that cud-chewing mind is what gives us stress and agitation. You can let go of the cud-chewing (brooding over the incident again and again for years) only if you develop the acceptance attitude. This indirectly gives way for forgiveness a stress-curing medicine. Acceptance is the first step towards forgiveness. You cannot forgive a person or a situation with acceptance. Forgiveness is for your own benefit, to free your mind from the cud-chewing activity of the mind.  Ego grows through the cud-chewing activity of the mind.

Ego and acceptance

      Ego cannot accept a person (behavior attitude) or a situations or events in life. Non-acceptance is Ego's nature and also a means through which it gets its food to gain strength. The moment we accept any person or situation we see that the Ego's energy is drained. As soon as we accept a person or situation,  we find that the Ego loses it's heroic acts in our life's drama. Ego does not allow us to accept anything. It always blames others for all the problems. By blaming others,  Ego  has bright chances to get hold of the mind to either brood over the past or be anxious of the past. Acceptance brings out awareness to the present moment, while Ego does want to graze on past memories or worry and fear about future.

Purpose of the practice

  The intention of the acceptance practice is to confront our Ego. We take it for granted that we are this mind and Ego without  being aware of our true Self. This practice would allow us to be pay more attention (awareness) to our Ego. As soon as we accept someone or an event or action, the Ego would storm in us. Be aware the Ego would smell danger and would hide out for a while then it will strike us back with full vigor.

Goal of Sakthi Gita is for a happy lifeUnderstand non-acceptance of people (as they are) and events (as it is) is how Ego works in us. By condemning people and events, your Ego grows without your knowledge like a weed in your backyard garden. These thoughts rob of the nutrition that fertilize your strengths. You notice it only when it grows big and destroying your good plants.  Same way your Ego thoughts kills your creativity thoughts, your talents, your power, your health, your strengths. These are the nice plants you want to grow in your garden. Aim of life is to harness your potential and be happy in life. remove the weeds of Ego from your garden of life and enjoy the fruits of life. This is the ultimate goal of this Sakthi Gita.

What to witness

This exercise is just to be aware of our Ego. Only if we are aware of our enemy's strength and weakness we can win a war. So start to practice acceptance and immediately pay attention to the way our Ego acts. We might have a dispute or disagreement  with our partner, family member or with some at work or a shopping mall. Immediately chant the mantra "Accept".   We can witness the war movie unfolding in our minds.

Acceptance the most powerful spiritual technique

       Acceptance is the key to open the spiritual mastering of our mind. Practicing this brings amazing results. It is simple but very powerful in opening doors to the mystery of our mind and Self. This is the easiest means to purify the mind. It brings peace, patience and wisdom in us. It opens the doors of our inner light.  With this one practice all good qualities will get into our personality.

      There is an  amusing story about a scientist (Isaac Newton?)  He was a great cat lover and every time the cat needed to got out it would come to him and do "Meow! Meow! Meow!". The cat's behavior did not bother him until the cat gave birth to four kittens when the frequency of going out and in became more. So Newton called for a carpenter to cut  one big hole and four smaller holes in the  door so that the big cat would go in the big hole and the kittens in the smaller holes. The surprised carpenter asked whether he was talking to a world renowned scientist who  could not realize a simple fact that the kittens could have easily used their mother’s ‘pet door’.

      Acceptance is like a pet door through which all good qualities would get into us. So far with acceptance you understand that you get less stress, develop compassion, patience, forgiveness and unconditional Love. Last but the least, you become more aware of your Ego, transcend it and realize your own true nature, Consciousness.


"Expectations will become a problem only when one does not expect more than one outcome". - Uni5 Sakthi Foundation


The reverse is also True. How can one get an expected result?.

Answer is, take all the possible outcomes into consideration. But there are infinite possibilities and probabilities of multi-dimensions. How can take into all ? Answer is All the multi dimensions are reduced into Five and 10 dimensional view by Kapilacharya. The below quotes was the answer when somebody asked why Sankya is the highest and why you are using it in the name of Uni5?

What is to be done to get the highest probability of an desired outcome - Uni5 Sakthi Foundation.   

Multidimensional view of Bharath Astrology, Ayurveda, Spirituality and all Vedic Sciences.the greatest contribution of Bharath to the world. It is all about multi-dimension reduction in its simplest state to understand and apply it for making our life desires fulfilled and lead a happy life.

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