What and why do we need a practice?

The very purpose of  practice is to experience what we know or pursue to know. Like theory and practice. No one would be satisfied with a theory without a practical application of it. The practical application is a validation of the theory. Here we do an enquiry about the mystery of our mind and finally seek freedom from its limitation and remain at peace. So the purpose of practice is to walk through the path of enquiry. Every exercise that we intend to do here are the steps of that enquiry. You yourself would know whether this enquiry was beneficial or not and for that very same reason you conduct it. Nothing here given is a belief system for you to swallow it, but for you to analyze and use it. This warrants then application of the mental exercises or mental  practices. You would understand the depth of the enquiry only when you practice it yourself.

Practice Gita- An Introduction

Gita is not to be read but to be practiced to attain inner purification.

Generally everyone reads Gita or attend Gita classes every day or once a week but seldom practice which means apply the teachings in one's life.  It is like reading a book on how to do swimming or cooking or drive a car and never practicing it. Without practicing we can intellectually appreciate the greatness of Gita but never experience the greatness of the teaching itself. Understanding from personal experience and experience of many spiritual seekers we here focus on  how to practice Bhagavad Gita in daily life. The end result of practice is inner purification.

Purification - the culmination of all practices

Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well. - Mahatma  Gandhi

Purpose of Purification

Aim of any spiritual practice is to purify the mind. Why should the mind be purified? The mind like the blind king allows his son Ego to rule the kingdom instead of allowing the wisdom to exercise its power. The mind does not entertain any enquiry that will put end to its hypocritical rule instead will allow only thoughts that supports Ego's whims and fancies. This should be understood clearly and only then we can understand the purpose of purification of the mind.  Purification is really then allowing an unbiased enquiry keeping out the Ego's interferences. This is symbolism of purification is Vidur in Mahabharata who is the prime minister of the blind king as well as his younger brother.

       We cannot proceed in the enquiry path unless we are able to separate the chaff from the grain (the mind and the Ego). The mind can pursue the "Truth" only if it is detached from the Ego. As long as it is attached to the Ego, it can never trek the path of enquiry. Therefore all the Gita-exercises are meant to detach this Ego from the mind and this detachment is |PURIFICATION. Ego is the veil that covers the mind from seeing the truth in front of it. Ego is the cataract that prevents the mind from seeing the reality of life. It is this Ego that imprisons  us in the dark cell  of  sorrows.

    Purification is removing the husk from the grain. To eat the grain the husk has to be removed and so is to remove the Ego from the mind to seek peace. Without this purification we can never know peace and even if we experience it will be only for only fleeting moments in life.

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