A Model diet plan in pregnancy

  1. Eat whole grains like oats, barley, wheat, rice and millet flakes with fruits (details in general  recipes section).
  2. Have one fresh fruit juice.

Eating everyday  to read Ragi or African Millet is a healthy food for mother and child especially to give excellent immunity to the child. We have experiences of mom's eating Ragi throughout the pregnancy and having excellent healthy children.

Between breakfast and lunch munch dry fruits or nuts  (see recipes for details). 
  1. Have different types of lentils and beans in a rotation. They give balanced proteins.
  2. Eat three raw spinach leaves, one small cabbage leaf, one small piece of carrot and if possible other green leaves except parsley. If raw taste does not suit you, dip the leaves in yogurt or curd and eat. Or you can eat with slice of raw tomato. Raw spinach supplies folic acids and other vitamins. Folic acid prevents birth defects.
  3. After lunch drink Lassi .

To blender add one cup of yogurt or curd and one cup water, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoonful of sugar. A tiny bit of orange peel (for flavor). Mix well and if needed the fat layer on top of the drink can be removed before drinking. 

    For more medicinal valued Lassi add one peanut size of ginger piece, and one or two curry leaves with the above Lassi and mix. Ginger is good in enhancing digestion preventing nausea and vomiting. Curry leaves are excellent source of calcium and minerals and they have chemicals which can build strong bones.

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