2. Skin itching: In the seventh month the body starts itching, the intensity is sometimes so severe that the skin of the stomach tears off if scratched. This occurs because of toxic accumulation in the body. This mostly occurs with women who eat a lot of salt and drink very little water.  Plenty of water should be drunk to flush out these toxins.

For temporary relief,

1. Apply castor oil for 15 minutes before shower.

2. Apply  a decoction of sandal wood and lotus  or

3. A concoction of oil made from the skin of Acacia Speciosa (siras, shirish, girishamu)  along with mustard and licorice.

Apply any one of these on the breasts and the stomach-abdomen regions.

Apply Ayurvedic oils given in the Ayurvedic section.


visit https://kapilanalam.com/ for home made best skin care ointments for babies and adults for eczema, allergy, white spots, leucoderma, vitilago etc. No chemicals, preservatives pure herbs used.

4. Hyper-tension

Like diabetes, women who do not walk regularly in diabetes also prone to get hypertension. Walking relaxes the mind and the body and hence keeps pressure under control. Intake of salt should be kept to the minimum. Eating chips high in salt, pickles, highly spice foods with more salt should be avoided. Relaxation is very very important. Please also refer Sakthi-clinic section for more details.

5. Edema- swelling in legs

All women who do not do walking may not end up in diabetes and hypertension, because there are many factors precipitating in these conditions. It is toxins in the body that would appear as diseases in different forms. To put in other words, edema occurs when toxins accumulate and prevent less blood circulation in the legs.

Walking is the best means to overcome this problem. For temporary relief, boil a piece of ginger (chop it finely)  in sesame oil or coconut oil for few minutes. Store this oil in a bottle. Apply this oil over the legs which will improve blood circulation and remove edema.

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