Increase healthy weight in pregnancy

To increase weight by vegetarian  means

Every day eat different types of lentils, beans, dals etc.  You can see that within 10 days you can increase like 10 to 20 pounds. However this weight gain is healthy because its not fatty weight but protein weight. Eat chick peas, green lentils, peas, brown lentils, kidney beans, navy beans, black eye peas, cow peas, horse gram, pigeon peas, masoor dal, thur dal, etc. All these are rich in different proteins and are balancing to the body. The truth is that vegetarian proteins are more healthy and nutritious and balancing to the body. It's a wrong concept that only by eating animal proteins one can increase body weight. 
The best is to soak them and partly germinate them and eat. When seeds germinate, they fats are broken down to sugars and so they are healthy and nourishing.

One could also use soy milk in milk shakes and use tofu also to meet extra protein needs.

  1. Drink every hour or two fresh fruit juices with honey. Drink grape juice, orange, grape fruit, apple, apricots, strawberry etc. This would nourish the body with all vitamins and supplements that the body needs.
  2. This will also help to overcome weakness.
  3. Soak 5 or 10 almonds overnight. Next day wash with fresh water and put them in a blender with dates  and water and blend well. This is excellent drink because it supplies calcium, copper and other nutrients for the mother.
  4. For snacks keep munching dates, dried figs, prunes, raisins which would cure weakness. These dry fruits are better than processed foods and junk foods.

  • Eat whole grains like oats, barley, wheat, rice and millet flakes with fruits (details in general  recipes section).
  • Have one fresh fruit juice.

Between breakfast and lunch munch dry fruits or nuts  (see recipes for details). 

  • Have different types of lentils and beans in a rotation. They give balanced proteins.
  • Eat three raw spinach leaves, one small cabbage leaf, one small piece of carrot and if possible other green leaves except parsley. If raw taste does not suit you, dip the leaves in yogurt or curd and eat. Or you can eat with slice of raw tomato. Raw spinach supplies folic acids and other vitamins. Folic acid prevents birth defects.
  • After lunch drink Lassi .


To blender add one cup of yogurt or curd and one cup water, a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoonful of sugar. A tiny bit of orange peel (for flavor). Mix well and if needed the fat layer on top of the drink can be removed before drinking. 

For more medicinal valued Lassi add one peanut size of ginger piece, and one or two curry leaves with the above Lassi and mix. Ginger is good in enhancing digestion preventing nausea and vomiting. Curry leaves are excellent source of calcium and minerals and they have chemicals which can build strong bones.


Munch dry fruits and nut mixes. Steamed corn, steamed potatoes with a spoon of butter and salt are tasty and healthy snacks. Avoid too much of cookies and other confectionery products.


  • Eat wheat roti's tortillos, chappathies etc. Drinking rice gruel with chutneys are also good. Vegetable soups or lentil soups are good too.
  • While going to bed drink a cup of milk boiled with a pinch of safflower is good for the nerves. Use cumin seeds till morning sickness goes away.

General Instructions
  • Avoid refined foods and processed foods. They are devoid of fibers, nutrients and loaded with preservatives , chemicals that are flavoring, coloring and stabilizing agents.
  • Eat as much natural foods possible.
  • Eating more fruits vegetables and nuts can help even to avoid artificial vitamins and mineral supplements which are just chemicals. Instead supply everything naturally through your diet.
  • Drink 2 to 3 liters of water throughout the day to flush toxins out.
  • Do not use too much of diary products and if possible its healthy to be vegetarian.
  • Use whole grains when using carbohydrates so that you will be at high risk of getting diabetes during pregnancy. Use whole wheat and whole rice (partially polished or atleast parboiled rice).
  • Use sprouted grains and also use grouted beans and legumes.
  • Minimize intake of tea, coffee, colas and salt - instead drink herbal and fruit teas, grain coffees or dandelion coffee and diluted fruit juices, use more herbs instead of salt.
  • Avoid alcohol, sugar, processed food, food additives (especially food dyes, monosodium glutamate, aspartame), environmental pollutants, saturated and hydrogenated fat, soft cheeses, common food allergens (wheat in bread, cow's milk, citrus), and trans-fatty acids. · Organic fruits and vegetable are the best to be taken during pregnancy hence toxicity to the growing child can be avoided. Organic milk is especially good because the cows are given different kinds of drugs like antibiotics, steroids etc. They all get concentrated in milk. · Also genetically modified foods are made by in the genetic material through the help of virus genes and bacterial genes. These genes may have a chance to go the body of the mother and child. Hence organic foods are safe
  • All fruits are good except raw pineapple and raw papaya which might induce abortion.


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