Over weight gain

Over weight  occurs when the mother eats lots of processed foods. To maintain healthy weight eat more unrefined foods.

10. Under weight

To increase weight healthy and quick eat more and eat protein rich foods. We see advertisements encouraging people to take protein rich drinks or other supplementing processed foods.  But be aware of the fact they bring quick results but may not be healthy. Unbalanced protein intake can damage organs like kidneys. They can increase acidic conditions  in the body and favor growth of cancer cells. Cancer is on the rise in countries that eat unbalancing proportions of proteins and making the body acidic. Read more about this aspect in the Earth (diet) section.

Pregnant women should maintain their body in alkaline state to allow healthy growth of the baby. To increase weight in a healthy way eat soaked and cooked grains and seed varieties like chick peas, garbanzo, green mung , adzuki bean,
pinto beans, brown lentils, pigeon peas, blue beans etc. If these are soaked and cooked with ginger and garlic then do not produce gas. Eat one type of bean  everyday.

Everyday soak 20 or less almonds with 3 to5 dates and next day blend in a blender  to a juice like consistency with milk or without milk. This helps to 
increase weight.

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