The Big news with the evolution of mammals is the progressive attention and care that they give to their young ... Paul MacLean

The New (ancient) News is that evolution of Man is the progressive attention and care they give to their young, begins at the very moment of conception - Sakthi

 Healthy mind (more important vitamins and nutrients)

          We notice that most pregnant mothers take a lot of care to eat well and get complete nutrition for the growing child. However they forget one major health issue-the health of the mind. Understand that a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body.  If the child is physically sound but has poor mental health, how can the child live a perfect life? Like nutritious food, nutritious positive thoughts are needed for the baby. A stressful mother gives birth to a child who has both physical and emotional problems.

         We tell our friends that a mother has control over the child only during pregnancy. After birth, when the physical connection of the mother and child is severed, there is no more control. The mother can "program" the child only during pregnancy.   Even the father's mental qualities not come through genes, but through the mother's thoughts in pregnancy. We have so many personal experiences how the  father's thoughts through the mother goes to the child. This is why the mother's thoughts in the pregnancy is very very important.

We will give you an example of a Nobel Prize winner's experience.

I happened to read about a Nobel prize winner and Scientist Richard Phillips Feynman,about how he got interested in Science. He got in physics in 1960 for his great contribution in physics.

These are his  exact words   from  his web site.

I'm going to tell you what science is like by how I learned what science is like.My father did it to me. When my mother was carrying me (pregnant), it is reported--I am not directly aware of the conversation--my father said that "if it's a boy, he'll be a scientist." How did he do it? He never told me I should be a scientist. He was not a scientist; he was a businessman, a sales manager of a uniform company.

Richard Phillips Feynman, Nobel Prize in Physics (1965)

Our interpretation of the above writing:. What this great Nobel prize winner did not think was about his mother's role in his carrier.  He gave the credit to his father for developing interest in science.   Actually it was his mother who carried  his father's thought to him. If his mother had ignored that thought of his father, he would not have got it.  After pregnancy just teaching a kid will not have a big difference. This is reflected in the life of the Nobel prize winner's children. 

 This Nobel prize winner has a son and a daughter. He taught all the science methodology to both of them. But his son alone was successful. The teaching methodology did not work that great for the  daughter. The following words arefrom the book No ordinary genius: the illustrated Richard Feynman. By Richard Phillips Feynman, Christopher Sykes (from  Wikipedia).

Feynman had a great deal of success teaching Carl, using discussions about ants and Martians as a device for gaining perspective on problems and issues; he was surprised to learn that the same teaching devices were not useful with Michelle.[] Mathematics was a common interest for father and son; they both entered the computer field as consultants and were involved in advancing a new method of using multiple computers to solve complex problems—later known as parallel computing.

The above incident shows , even a Nobel prize winner cannot improve the aptitude of a child, what a mother did not give in the pregnancy days.

Disclaimer: This page is not meant to demean or belittle any one (especially children of the great scientist). If you think your IQ is low,  this article is not meant for you to find fault with your mother. Instead, take positive steps,  by passing this information to expecting and to be expectant mothers , so that we will have a new generation with right thinking.

If you think you are intelligent, then thank your mother for doing her part good and also your dad for giving that environment to your mother to have good thoughts. This is why in Vedic tradition, the Mother (Maatha) is considered as the first  God to be seen with the physical eyes. The next God is the Father (Pitha) and then the Teacher (Guru). These three are only the three forms of God, one can see with the physical eyes,  the meaning of "Maatha Pitha Guru Daivam".

An experience from Pradheep Chhalliyil's life.

As a scientist, I used to wonder why I was interested in healing and got a Ph.D in Cancer Biology, while my sister was a high school drop out. We are born with the same parental genes, and were given the same environment at home and put in the same school,  but have different behavior and attitude in life. So where is the role of genes and environment? To what extent, genes and child growing environment have on the personality and intelligence of a child? We do not deny that  genes and growing environment has influence on a child, but the most important factor is the mental state of a mother during pregnancy. Vedic tradition has so many restriction on the pregnant mother. Modern Indians ignore them as mere superstition without understanding the great science behind it.

My mother often told me that she cannot forget the the first word  my dad spoke to her on her wedding night. She said, In Indian arranged marriage system, the married couple have their first private encounter (even to talk) will be their wedding night. So like every lady awaiting to hear  the first sweet romantic talk from the husband, my mom was anxious to hear such sweet talks from my dad. To her surprise the first word  My dad told her was that "if our first child is a boy, then he will be a doctor”. My dad was not a doctor, scientist, but a car-mechanic.  Both my parents due to poverty could not do more than middle school education.  But my mother carried the first romantic words of my dad and I did not become an allopathic doctor but I got the skill to give healing suggestions like a doctor. No one else in our family history have had any healing tendency or skill. My mom was very happy when she was carrying me, always with a positive attitude , wanted to help others. She always gave tips to others to improve their quality of life. She was very hardworking during pregnancy. She was working till she got labor pain and delivered me at home, without any doctors help.  I see all these traits in me.

Her genetic did not change in the next two years, but her mind changed and attitude changed with the next two years after I was born. My dad's younger brothers came to stay with us in the city for need for employment. My mom did not like that and she complained about it to which my dad did not pay any attention. She hated relatives and always wanted to be at rest without doing any work. She was pessimistic and negative when she was carrying my sister. No wonder my sister expressed all my mother's when she grew up.

        My sister always had a negative attitude in life, till she started following Sakthi's principles about the reality of life.  She understood that thoughts in  pregnancy is very important and so when she was carrying my niece in 1993, she changed her thoughts to positive thoughts. That quality is reflected in my niece.  She is very interested in Science and also very talented singer. None of Challiyil family members when open their mouth has a sweet sounding musical voice.  When my niece was taken to a music  teacher at age of 12, the teacher was surprised at her music talent and asked who in your family is a musician to have such a good musical gene. My sister told me that my brother and friend Dr.Madeshwaran gave musical cassette's of M.S.Subbulakshmi and chantings to hear in pregnancy.

From History:

Mothers who are inspired in pregnancy time with great ideals,  give birth to  children with inspiring life. Look at the story of mother of Krishna (Devaki), who thought the child will remove herself and mankind from suffering. Mother of Buddha who was told by her husband to give birth to a son who will always be happy and experience  no suffering. That thought finally brought out a great Buddha for us. Mary wanted a child who will be a king loving every one as himself and not like the autocratic kings.

There are several examples that shows that the attitude (thoughts) of the mother shapes the destiny of the child. Vedic tradition shows very many examples of this concept. the famous example is of Prahalad's story and also of Abhimanyu's story. In both the stories, the thoughts of the mother in the pregnancy completed changed the personality of the children and did not inherent the qualities of their parents.  

        We know a mother who used to chant Vishnu- Sahasranamam (thousand names of (Vishnu) in her mind many times a day. Vishnu is the symbolic representation of Intelligence in Indian vedic tradition.  The result is that the kid is amazing super genius.

      Some one asked us, how come chanting a spiritual chanting can do this. What about genius kids born without any chanting by their mothers. Fruits are normally sweet. But honey is added to fruits that are not very sweet. Honey just adds to the sweetness of the fruits. The same way these chanting add intelligence to kids. The chantings amplifies  the intelligence to a higher degree. We have observed this fact to be true with our experience.

           Throughout history we have seen how great men have been given birth by inspired mothers. Inspiration could be in any field, mathematics, medicine, engineering, arts, dance, music, painting, architecture etc.  Some where in some moment during pregnancy, the inspiration of the mother becomes the seed in the mind of the child that sprouts during their life. So mothers, be aware what you sow in the mind of the child.

            "Mathrujyam hrasya hridhyam maathusnjya hridheyana thath sambandham thena garbhinya neshtam, shradha-vimananam deyamapyahitham thasyay hithopahithamalpakam shradhavihyathathadh          gargbhasya vigrthisinchuthireva v"

    -  Ashtanga-hridhyam (One of the Famous text on Ayurveda followed in kerala).

The child's heart in the womb is so connected with the mother, that so desires of the mother should go unfulfilled. If mother seeks unhealthy food, then give them in limited quantities with healthy combination. Unfulfilling mother's desires creates disappointments in the psychic of the child and hinder the mental development.

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