What is the key factor in giving birth to a healthy child?

Understand that a single cell multiplies and grows to an adult body. Nature has designed to protect the growing child to have healthy cells. Since each and every cell in the child's body multiplies into many cells, any defect in one cell will give rise to defective copies of future cells. It is like taking xerox copies. If the original copy is defective, then the resulting copies would be defective. This is the reason why ancient medicinal systems insist that mothers take care of their health, thereby indirectly taking care of the health of the child.  If a mother takes care of her health during pregnancy, the child's health would naturally be good.

   Based on our observations and experience we have found that mothers who ate natural, healthy food had children with very few health complications.

Understand that the 9 months of your pregnancy influences the entire life of your child.

Write the following Sakthi's quote on your refrigerator and so you would often remember.

   Every food you eat and drink will influence  the physical body of the kid and so does every thought you think, shapes the mind of the kid.

Pancha Bhoota Space Therapy

Similar news to Sakthifoundation pregnancy care are been proved through Modern research. See a latest news  that appeared in Newsweek  17th September 2007. Click here to read Starting the Good Life in the Womb.

Here are some news that says that stress of mother in pregnancy will cause various ailments in children.

Mother's Prenatal Stress Predisposes Their Babies To Asthma And Allergy, Study Shows

Mothers' Stress May Increase Children's Asthma

Severe Stressful Events Early In Pregnancy May Be Associated With Schizophrenia Among Offspring

Methamphetamine Use In Pregnancy Damages Learning Ability Of Offspring, Study Suggests

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