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Pregnancy News 2018

Dec 2018

Maternal stress at conception linked to children's stress response at age 11

Altered Microbiome After Caesarean Section Impacts Baby's Immune System


Nov 2018

Babies Kicking in the Womb Are Creating a Map of Their Bodies 

Report reveals link between air pollution and increased risk for miscarriage

Oct 2018

Painkillers during pregnancy can bring forward puberty in girls

Infant Diet Key to Long-Term Healthy Gut

Breastfeeding protects infants from antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Kids' sleep may suffer from moms' tight work schedules

Cesarean-born mice show altered patterns of brain development, study finds

Stress reduces fertility in women

Human milk components found in amniotic fluid

Sep 2018

Breastfeeding changes gene activity that may make babies less reactive to stress

Postnatal depression could be linked to fewer daylight hours during late pregnancy

Breast milk may be best for premature babies' brain development

Exposure to organochlorine pesticides in the womb linked to poorer lung function in childhood

Aug 2018

Father's diet could affect the long-term health of his offspring

Positional sleep therapy during pregnancy may promote maternal and fetal health

July  2018

Mother's touch supports pup's brain development

Health of mom's gut a key contributor to autism risk, study suggests

Babies introduced to solids early slept longer and woke less frequently, study finds

June  2018

Mother's attitude to baby during pregnancy may have implications for child's development

May  2018

Insufficient vitamin D linked to miscarriage among women with prior pregnancy loss

For Women With History of Pregnancy Loss, Walking May Aid Chance of Becoming Pregnant

 April  2018

Painkillers in Pregnancy May Affect Baby's Future Fertility

Inflammation During Pregnancy Is Linked to Baby's Brain

Feb  2018

Breastfeeding may have long-term heart health benefits for some moms

Jan  2018

Specific Bacteria May Change the Cervix of a Pregnant Woman and Lead to Preterm Birth

Common Pain Reliever Use During Pregnancy Linked to Language Delay in Girls

Dietary fiber protects against obesity and metabolic syndrome, study finds

Taking paracetamol during pregnancy may reduce fertility of daughters

Important Health News  pregnancy you should Know. 

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