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Pregnancy News-2015

Dec 2015

Study Links Environmental and Lifestyle Factors to Reproductive Problems, Infertility in Men

Oct 2015

Obese pregnant women who lose weight save money, have healthier newborns, study shows

High Stress During Pregnancy Decreases Offspring Survival, According to Mongoose Study

Singing Calms Baby Longer Than Talking (Western science knows this only now, Indian mothers always sings lullaby with theme of family history, social and cultural aspects and moral ethics).

Factors in breast milk may play a role in transmission of obesity (With knolwedge of Ayurveda we have been advocating the importance post-partum diet of women-see our deliver-pregnancy diet care for the role of diet of post-partum other on the breast milk quality for health and immunity).

Obese pregnant women who lose weight save money, have healthier newborns, study shows

Skin-to-skin contact with baby in neonatal unit decreases maternal stress levels

Most healthy women would benefit from light meal during labor

Pregnant women in Brooklyn have highest levels of certain preservatives used in cosmetics

Products Pregnant Women Should Avoid

Stressed Dads Affect Unborn Offsprings' Brains

Regular Exercise Before Pregnancy May Stave Off Pains That Are Common Among Moms-to-Be

Stress During Pregnancy Related to Children's Later Movement, Coordination

Elevated Blood-Sugar Levels in Pregnancy Tied to Baby's Heart-Defect Risk

Exposure to Common Flame Retardants May Contribute to Attention Problems in Children

Lead exposure in mothers can affect future generations (In Uni5 view, we say not only lead, many toxins or even bad food combinations also can affect the health of many generations. This is why Indian pregnant women had so many taboos. But modern Indian women think that during pregnancy they should eat all they desire, leading them to eat in restruant and unhealthy foods, exposing the future generations to many physical and emotional diseases).

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals Threatening Human Reproduction and Health

Weight Loss, Exercise Improve Fertility in Women With Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (For many decaded we have been advising and many women who followed the uni5 pancha bhoota method for infertility became sucessfully pregnant)

How More Women With Earlier Caesarean Sections Can Give Birth Vaginally Next Time

Do Mothers React to More Info About Chemical Risks? The Answer May Surprise You

Sep 2015

Delayed umbilical cord clamping may benefit some high-risk newborns, research shows

Lower sperm motility in men exposed to common chemical

Maternal chronic stress linked to more dental cavities in children

Women exposed to organic pollutants in early pregnancy have more than four-times increased risk of gestational diabetes

Can Mom's Stress Affect Baby's Fertility, Aging?

Research reveals the placenta's oxygen tanks for early embryos

How childhood stress can affect female fertility

Aug 2015

Home Births Save Money, Are Safe, Study Suggests

Better Maternal Diet Linked to Lower Risk of Heart Abnormalities in Babies at Birth

Women Having a Baby by IVF Are at Increased Risk of Reflux Disease After Birth

Delayed Cord Clamping Benefits Preemies, Says Large-Scale Research

May 2015

Brain Imaging Shows How Children Inherit Their Parents' Anxiety (In Uni5 Sakthi pregnancy- we recommend to stay as much possible with relaxed mind).

Do Newborns Delivered by C-Section Face Higher Risk of Chronic Health Problems Later in Life?

Better Fine Motor Skills With Delayed Cord Clamping

Maternal Obesity Compromises Babies' Immune System at Time of Birth

Acetaminophen in Pregnancy May Lower Testosterone in Unborn Boys

The first fraction of ejaculate is the most effective for conception (In Uni5 Sakthi Clinic- we recommend to save sperms effective by following intercourse only on ovulation day for successful pregnancy with men with low sperm counts).

April 2015

How Breast Milk Protects from Intestinal Disease

Mom's Stress Ups Fetal Neuroblastoma Development

Extreme Morning Sickness: Developmental Deficits?

Antidepressants in Pregnancy: Toddler Anxiety?

BPA Exposure Affects Fertility for 3 Generations

Autism May Be Linked to Gestational Diabetes

Exercise for Moms Lowers Babies' Heart Defects?

March 2015

Maternal Interaction Improves Preemie Growth

Pesticides in Fruits Linked to Semen Quality (this is why for many decades we have asked infertility couples to use organic foods). 

Why Poor Nutrition in Womb Leads to Obesity Later

Can Vitamin Intake in Pregnancy Harm Offspring? (For more than two decades we have warned pregnant women taking vitamin supplements could harm offspring see this link)

Mom's Age Affects Glucose Metabolism in Offspring

Pregnant? Try to Avoid Antibiotics

Autism: Prenatal Fire Retardants, Phthalates?

Male Can Help Infertile Obese Female Conceive

Progeny of Old Parents Have Fewer Offspring

Excessive Pre-Pregnancy Weight Gain: Obese Child?

Do Public Hospitals Make New Moms Most Satisfied?

Metabolic Disease Starts in Womb of Grandmother?The author comments "Our health and wellness is far more than just our DNA, diet, environment and exercise. It's also that of our parents and grandparents. Studies like this can help inform health policy to focus on repairable, epigenomic disease risks, rather than on risk factors faced by any one person at any one time."Our Uni5 comments is that ancient scientists understand how a certain individual is born to a particular family. These secrets will be revealed in our web site and talks.

February 2015

Too Much Folic Acid Ups Kids' Diabetes Risk

Elevated Blood Pressure in Pregnancy? Treat It

Stress During Pregnancy and Infant Gut Microbiota

Mother's Stress May Affect Long Term Health ...

January 2015

BPA in Pregnancy: Oxidative Stress for Mom, Baby

Blocking Hormone for Stress-Induced Infertility? (in our pancha Bhoota method we could reverse with the five methods)

Doctor Warns Against 'Keepsake' Ultrasounds

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