1. Miscarriage

There are many reasons for miscarriage. It is a natural means for aborting a baby has some problems. Scientist accidentally discovered that experimental rats when had defective genes tend to have more miscarriages than normal. As woman and man gets older there is an increase in defective genes and so chance of miscarriages are more. It is best to have kids before age of 26 to 28.

we had many cases of mothers with defective genes and having miscarriages and abnormal babies who could then give birth to healthy children by following the simple Pancha Bhoota methods. If a mother and father does the simple detoxification procedures before conception, the chances of having these complications are avoided.

12. Pre-mature babies

Babies who escape miscarriage, later end as premature babies. Body is intelligent in all means to allow growth of a healthy baby. This is nature's law to allow the evolution of healthy individuals. The reason for premature babies is body toxicity. |If a mother who had first premature baby wants to avoid a second one, then if she takes good pre-pregnancy care then her chances of giving birth to a full term baby is more.

13. Bleeding in pregnancy

These are milder symptoms of miscarriage and premature conditions. This is noticed in women who are mentally and physically stressed. Women who have hypertension and eat high salty and spicy foods and drinking less water will experience these symptoms.

Grind 2 or 3 grams of Evolvulus ulsinoides (malaylam-Vishnukranthy) with honey  every day in morning to avoid excess bleeding from womb at the time of pregnancy. Dont use it for more than 5 or 6 days.

14. Ectopic pregnancy

This term applies to the implantation that occur outside the uterine cavity. This is a very dangerous situation. This type occurs rarely and in mothers who are totally not aware of their body health and also in conception. Stress in mothers are found to be one of the reasons. Research studies show that inducing stress in animals is found to increase pregnancy abnormalities. What more proof do we need to assure that a relaxed mother will have less pregnancy complications.

15. Pre-eclampsia

Stress in mothers is found to be one of the predominant reasons.  In nature, animals do not have stress to the amount we humans have. they are relaxed and so do they suffer from less diseases.  We found working pregnant mothers are more prone to  these type of birth complications. Research studies show that inducing stress in animals increased pregnancy abnormalities. Stressed animals showed  the same symptoms of all human pregnancy complications.  What more proof do we need to assure that a relaxed mother will have less pregnancy complications.


Pregnant mothers should be relaxed and keep stress to the minimal.  Eat unrefined whole foods and drink plenty of water to keep the body clean. This is the only means to have less pregnancy and delivery complications. Modern women need hospital care and cannot give birth to healthy babies at home because  of their poor pregnancy care.




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