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Students that had been Helped in the past.

 There are many. But these are the few documented lists.

Children Education Project

Most of the orphanages support children till age of 17 or 18. When they leave the orphan center most of these children have very good academic performance. Since they hardly receive support to do college education, Sakthi Foundation sponsors college education for these children.

      Sakthi Foundation extends its charity work to help children education. There are many children who do not get education for many reasons. We now focus on children in orphanages to get educated and make them independent in their lives.

Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, you feed him life long.

     We are planning to sponsor college education for a few students next year. We would like to pay directly the college for tuition fees and so the donations will not be misused. If you do wish to directly pay for the tuition fee directly to the college in the name of the student, we will give information about it also.  Whatever the mode of donation, the aim is to helps college education for the children who  leave the orphanage after they reach adolescence.

       All the support from Sakthi Foundation is genuine and the funds given for the specified purpose is used accordingly. We are also planning to help more kids for their education in other centers which get least help.

For sub urban women: For undergoing teachers training we are helping with small funds for self employment.

Four rural women: We paid four poor village women to undergoing certified courses in Montesorri, so they can get employment.

Cerebral plasy physiotherapy expense: Every month we are paying towards the physiotherapy expense of a poor  4 years old boy. (2013).

Trichy student: A 6th standard boy's school books expense is covered.

Helper Student: For two terms we supported the fees of a helper's son in coimbatore (2102-13). 

A house maid workers daughter: We supported a student to complete computer education.

A student in Madurai Seed: We have helped a student at Madurai Seed organization to do his higher education and also medical expense help when he had an accident (2011-12).

Mr.Gautham Krishna (2011-12). who lost his father and unable to do his Bsc Biochemistry in Tirpur. We have funds for two semesters to finish his degree. he is now employed.

Ms. Rani -  Blind. Paid fees for her to attend the BA Music Undergraduate Final  year 2011.

M. Mutharasu.Help for a Handicapped Child

     cycle  Sakthi Foundation extends its charity work to help children's education. There are many kids who do not get education for many reasons.  In 2003 we gave one nine year old kid who has paralyzed legs who crawl every day to his school. Sakthi Foundation through the help of noble hearts have helped to get this kid a wheel chair and the kid is relieved from painful crawling to go to school. Below is the picture of the child who received help.

      We are sharing this picture with the child's permission just to let you know that we all can make a remarkable change in some one else life through our small donations.          This is a touching letter of the child who wrote with his own hand writing in Tamil language and here is the translation.

Sir,         I am delighted as experiencing God through the help I received to overcome my physical disability and attend school. I see  you in the image of God for enabling me to continue my sixth grade class. I have no words to express my gratitude to your unforgettable  help. Thanks

M. Mutharasu.Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Oct-2005.

A Poor Child's Education

This girl lost her father and her sisters are partially or  fully blind. This girl is very good at studies and her dream is to  to study well go to college and support her blind sisters. She dropped from school at sixth grade because her poor mother could not support her children. Sakthi foundation is supporting the girl's education and promised  her to help all through her college. Chitra has now resumes school and is in seventh grade in 2005.

          In her touching letter letter she thanks Sakthi foundation for lighting her education light to remove darkness of her sisters.



Help for an Orphan Center

Sakthi Foundation extends its charity work to help kid’s education. There are many ways of doing it. 

in 2005 we gave new clothes to seven children in an orphan center.

In 2005 and from 2003 we  gave study materials and play materials to 50 kids, from age of 5 to 17.Click here  to read the interesting thank you letter from these children.

The translation of the letter is given below.

 Respected Sir,

        Our inmates received T-shirts, geometry boxes, football, net, chess game board,  handball,  Bhagavd Gita books etc.  Our inmate children are immensely  benefited from your contribution.  I express our thanks on behalf of the center.

S. Saravanan

Balar Illam, Nagamalai, Madurai, Tamil nadu, India.

Water provision for a small village

Sakthi Foundation extends its charity work to bring water to a small village by helping to get well water in Mekkunnu, Thalassery, Kerala in October 2003.


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