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Sakthi Foundation is a non-religious, non-profit, social service organization formed in 1998 to encourage rational thinking among people to help them find the  root cause of problems and lead a healthy, happy life.

 Besides its educational work, Sakthi Foundation provides concrete aid to conducting medical camps in Tamil Nadu, providing high quality Montessori school at low cost in Sendurai village, and in Indonesia helps Robin Lim Bumi Sehat to deliver  babies at home in a healthy manner.  We are now extending our charity work to provide basic sanitation facilities in small villages of India.

 We have taken charge of a specific project in Tamil Nadu in southern India to provide the basic human need of sanitary toilet facilities. As urbanization is fast spreading in Indian villages, there is usually no undeveloped, available land to respond to  natures’ call in the primitive (but traditional) manner.  For instance the village of Theethipalayam, Tamil Nadu is located near a busy highway. It is pitiable that its women have to get up before dawn to attend nature's call on the side of the road itself (the village’s only available undeveloped area) in order to not be seen by passing traffic. Sakthi Foundation sees this as a serious problem which needs to be addressed.

 Why Sakthi Foundation and not the Government?

Indian village houses are often tiny, and most often have no sanitation facilities. The government of Tamil Nadu, whre our project is focused, has built many public toilets, but these are maintained very poorly. There is no oversight or paid position to maintain them--so they become very filthy. Moreover, water is not always available in these public restrooms, nor there is a provision for continuous supply of water (rising water shortage). People will store water if they had their own private toilets and also will take care of it.

 So the general public still often lacks sanitation facilities. Hiring a low-cost position to keep the toilets clean also seems impractical mainly because of labor shortage to do these type of work. Our plan is to build a basic toilet for at the cost of $450 U.S. dollars for each family for the specific village of Theethipalayam.

 We have chosen to work with this village because we have trusted volunteers who have already come forward to help us do this work. The toilet will have a simple door without roof and will not have bathing facility. The cost mainly goes towards building a simple septic tank, which itself would cost thousands of dollars if built for use in the United States.

There are 50 families in this village without toilet facilities. We have prioritized our project to provide families having young girls and women to get the first facilities, but our aim is to provide at least this basic human sanitation need for this whole small village.

 We are looking for partnership sponsors for this project, and invite you to join us in this endeavor. Your contribution of any amount towards one—or more—of these facilities will improve the quality of life significantly, in Theethipalayam.

 Sakthi Foundation is a U.S.-registered, 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation will be fully tax-exempt, and you will receive thanks and a receipt documenting that fact. We will also keep you updated of this work periodically.

 Thank you for your kind attention and immediate response to this request.
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We assure that the amount donated using the above link will be used only for this project.

You can make the bank to do Online Bill Pay. This means you tell your bank to automatically pay foundation a recurrent fixed donation amount every month. You can stop the payment when you tell the bank. Mostly the online bill pay is free of cost. 

Sakthi Foundation has account with

Libertyville Saving bank,


IA - 52556.

(please write to us to know more details)

Please mail checks (less preferred than paypal)  to 



Official address  (please send all information except checks).

Sakthi Foundation
1507 Lone Oak Circle
IA 52556.




Demand Draft or check payment and One-line bill Payment accepted with our Axis Bank in Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, India. 


Sakthi Foundation
113 Weavers Colony

Tamil Nadu, India

1)     By wiring funds to the Sakthi Foundation; contact us via email info (att)  uni5 (dot) co regarding this. Please include your e-mail while sending checks because it helps us to contact you quickly for questions.

If you have any questions, please email to info (att)  uni5 (dot) co

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