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Current Projects

1. Connecting Community Awareness: Several NGO's (Non-Profits) are working for the betterment of the soceity. We have tried to network (join hands) with several such humanitarian organization both big and small and so we could reach out efficiently the benefits (both Awareness and tangeble products) to large mass  of people in short time.  The connecting all communities is one of the projects we are trying to accomplish with and without organization involvement is one of our objectives.

2. Awareness through Education: We want to inspire children in Science and so we can make a difference in our lives. Children has to be trained to think and bring simple creative ideas. We find that pattern based thinking is the key to all scientific discoveries and also in arts and all other fields. Our Energy-pattern based education implemented in Uni5 Sakthi Schools and after school programs is a huge success seeing a difference in the way children think and learn. It is also a stress free Self evolving methodology. We are giving certified courses to many teachers in this Uni5 method.

3. Health Awareness: We continue to give simple health awareness to general public for all health issues. We like to improve our health section to effeciently convey the health Concepts.

4. Cultural Awareness: Children and adults need guidance to keep their mind happy and creative to make their life happy. Along with intellectual growth, culture is needed to keep mind with healthy thoughts. We continue to give both children, adults and senior citizens with cultural awareness classes in person, over phone and skype.

5. Humanatarian Awareness: We are working for the upliftment of soceity neglected beings, especially women and children. With public support both with funds and volunteering work we will be able to do this more effectively.


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