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Health Care

We are not trained medical doctors, but give simple life style suggestions for improving health and prevention of diseases.

We rarely see patients in person. All the suggestions are based on the email reports the patients mail us. We look at the symptoms/ medical reports and suggest appropriate health measures to be taken.

Several thousands of people have benefitted from these suggestions across the globe through emails. Testimonials reveals that most patients who did not find good results from other medical systems approach us and get cured.

The life style changes to be incorporated is a five pattern method called the Pancha Bhoota Therapy.

All the suggestions for various diseases are given in the web site as Sakthi Clinic.

Eye camps: We also conduct frequently eye camps, a great help for poor village adults. Most of them are uncared and live without good  eye sight. Through these camps many of them get vision. Please click ehre for details.

At International level:

Indonesia: In Bali we support the mother and child health care project.

In India: We conduct free eye camp for poor senior citizens in villages.

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