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Air Therapy for Purification

of Body and Mind

 Pranayam -Air to Clean the Body
Live cells produce waste products like carbon dioxide. Increased blood circulation removes this waste and makes the cells healthy again. This is attained by Pranayam. If garbage in the house is regularly removed, the house will not stink and roaches and other disease-producing microbes will be unable to set up base. Similarly, our body (the home in which the soul dwells) should be rid of all garbage to maintain good health.

 Pranayam-Air to Bring Awareness to the Mind 

       This is the real purpose of Pranayam. Without food, the body can survive for a few weeks; without water, for a few days; but without air, only a few seconds. So, air is the most essential component of the five elements that maintain life. The moment air is lacking, our whole awareness shifts to our breath. In water or places where oxygen supply is less, we gasp for air and no other thought enters our mind other than air for breathing. So air, in a way, controls our thoughts. This aspect is exploited in Pranayam. We deliberately control the flow of air through our nostrils and by doing so we bring our thoughts to focus on the breath.

        This is the moment we can watch our thoughts and bring ourselves to a state of awareness. Hence, Pranayam is a good method for strengthening our awareness.  Focus of mind helps the flow of  thoughts and Pranayam helps in accomplishing that. Here the focus of our mind is on the thought of breath.

       Hence, the wandering mind can be brought under control  to focus through Pranayam. And finally you have body-mind coordination through Pranayam and purity of both the mind and the body.

Step 1: Do Pranayam at the physical level of regulating your breathing through the nostrils.

Step 2: Once you have practiced the method at the physical level, slowly start to watch your thoughts that are aware of the breathing. Do this for a while until you are able to watch your thoughts.

Step 3:The final stage is when you are able to witness yourself watching your thoughts. This is pure awareness. This is the state of getting all inspiration for work, healing and success of material needs or spiritual needs.

This is the real purpose of Pranayam and our ultimate goal.

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