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We can let our negatives out through

our breathe!

 I did not realize the power of my breathe until recently. One of the handy and vital possession that we have since our birth and without it we do not exist.

 Breathe is not just a vital process that helps us to live, it has much more to inform about our life and transform it. I experimented the fact that if we count we normally inhale 2 times and exhale 4 times during our breathing cycle. Any change in this breathing cycle has a capacity to inform us about our feelings. For example, longer inhalation often means that we are happy or normal whereas longer exhalation means we are sad or not feeling good. The gradient of this longer inhalation or exhalation could tell us where we stand.

 However, literature says that conscious and normal exhalation is a way to let our negative feelings out. Everyday if we do Pranyama (breathing exercise) we can notice our breathing cycle of 2 counts of inhalation and 4 counts of exhalation. During Pranayama and our normal 4 counts of exhalation we could let our bad memories and negative feelings out and during 2 counts of inhalation we could take in the positive feelings.

 Even "Zen" literature says that when we feel sad or have negative feelings during our regular routine in a day, we could stop for a while just watch our routine breathing cycle (just few times), which would bring us back to the routine.

 Can you believe how powerful our breathe is!

I started practicing Pranayama and taking notice of my breathe during bad times of a day since past 2 days. Hope for good with 2 counts of inhalation!

By Anguraj Sadanandam

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