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How to Maintain Good Health?

We saw the cycle of disease and discussed the factors that cause stress. Now we will see the health cycle and how it operates and also see how when health is lost we can restore it as well as maintain it.

      This is the ideal cycle. It is possible for all of us to do this. It is also the most practical way. One cannot imagine the benefits one will attain by following this method. One will enjoy life in all aspects by living like this.

Thoughtful Life is a Good Library

          This healthy life style is like a well maintained library.  Initially to arrange all the books is a very daunting task. Once the books are arranged, then only regular maintenance is needed for the library.  Imagine going to a library where none of the books are in proper place. All the books are placed randomly. Would you enjoy such a library?  Is there any purpose of such a disorganized library, nor for itself or for any one else. Understand that one who lives such a lifestyle with random thoughts is like such a library. Do you think that such a life could be fun? No. So, get your thoughts organized like a library. However, maintenance is essential. All repair of books should be done periodically. Thousands of books come and go in and out of a library due to its use. But a well maintained library does regular work to maintain itself. So does our life too. Disorganized eating habits, sleeping habits and thoughtlessness make life a mess. There is no fun in it, until we become organized in our thoughts and habits. Such a person becomes a library for everyone because everyone could learn from a person who has organized thoughts and leads a thoughtful life. A thoughtful person uses his intellect more than his emotional mind. This is the key to good health and mind.

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