Five Yagnas

Yagna also means Sacrifice. Sacrfice means to deliberately use a source of Energy to transform into another form of Five-yagnyaEnergy.

As you have seen (previous article) that all sciences (Vedic and Modern) science core fundamental principle is based on the Truth that Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but only transformed from one form to another.

There are five Yagnas or sacrifices one could do to generate Energy to fullfil the desires of life. Vedic Science clearly says that only a desireless person can finally attain the state of Divineness.

The desireless should not be by controlling or supressing it, but through expericing the object of desire and transform the joy through the Awareness to the Cosnciousness state.

There are five Yagnas that are recommended for all human beings to get their desires fulfilled. These are called pancha Yagnas.

Pancha Yagnas:

Doing all these Yagnas will help one to generate sufficient SAL Energy required to fullfill individual desires or evolve to the higher Energy-Cosnciousness states.


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