Energy Herbs

Grow these plants in a pot, with a devotional mind that these are the manifestation of Ganesha. These plants will ensure the presence of Lord Ganesha. Grow them in one pot if possible. Water them first and lovingly give a soft touch chanting Ganesha Mantra or Skanda Stothram that was recommended to you by Guruji. After muktti sugarcanedoing this, proceed to do lamp lighting and Ganesh Homam and other rituals. 


1. Purple Sugarcane  -  You can order from anywhere with some roots in the cutting so that it will grow. 1.  2. Lousiana  3. Hawaii Farm  4.   Shop4 

2. Mukutti Plant  - Biophytum sensitivum   1. Shop1  2. Shop2  3.Shop  4. 

3. Bermuda Grass -     1 Seed World  2-ssseeds  3.

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