Sacrifice or Unconditional Love

Sacrifice or Unconditional Love, the highest Sal Energy Transformer, which we spend as fortune or luck in our life: Actions done out of Love (Selfless actions) transform Sal Energy to the highest magnitude. Unconditional work done irrespective of caste, creed, religions, nationality , race, plants, animals, birds, microbes etc transforms Energy into SAL Energy.

Every energy-form in this universe is sacrificing it's form to change to new. So does sacrifice in human  to bring an addition in life. Sacrifice is unavoidable. Without losing one we cannot gain  another.  Therefore no body is a loser or a winner. Every winner loses and every loser wins. This is why life is fair.


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Everybody sacrifices time-Energy into prosperity-energy. However luck-Energy decides the level of prosperity. This luck Energy comes from Sacrifice. Sacrifice means to do something beyond our

1. Physical body,

2. Emotional likes/dislikes/beliefs/attitude/discimination

3. logical reasoning/judgements

Based on these three levels and the duration, we increase luck energy or fortune in life. This fortune or luck may happen in the same life time or in different life-times.

Sacrifical acts including-charity/donations/good will/gratitude/compassion/helpfullness/forgiveness/simplicity/truthfullness etc.

Sacrificial energy is the karmic currency that pays us to lead our lives. But like every financial year changes brings the payoff of the efforts, our birth-rebirth life times also bring the fortune and luck in our lives.

Charity, donations, good will, helping nature, life-sacrifical acts to help, protect an individual or a group or country or world are all sacrifical actions that increasing SAL energy, whcih we spend as prosperity in life.

Sacrifice and Love are the same name for unconditioanility. When there is sacrifice there is a love experienced emotionally. Sacrifice is the Selftual fuel for life.  The food we eat sacrifices (transforms) and releases Energy. Similarly, by our inner transformation we release tremendous Energy which is experienced as spiritual Energy in the form of knowledge, compassion, gratitude etc. These powers in Spiritual language is known as Kundalini Sakthi. Chakras are these various magnitude of the sacrifical expressions.

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All Religions and different Spiritual Paths:  All religions and spiritual paths teach the ultimate goal is unconditional love. However, due to negative qualities, most people find it difficult to live a life of unconditional Love. So if they cannot generate SAl Energy through unconditional love, then the option is alternative methods or rituals.

I cant do unconditional Love, are there other simple rituals to increase SAL Energy?

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agnimile purohitum yajnasya devamritvajam hotaram ratnadhatamam

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